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What Matters Most Motherhood

Today I wanted to write from the heart and share a few of my thoughts about a topic that has been troubling me lately and that subject is what matters most. In today’s world we can get caught up in so many activities, so much social media and be so so busy that we can sometimes forget to sit back and reflect and with this said I am reflecting on what matters most to me.

What Matters Most- My Family

As I’d hope the answer would be to many of you out there, the thing that really matters the most to me is my family. I love my husband John and my daughter Sylvia.

They mean the world to me and everything I do is to try and support them and help them to have a happy life.

I also love my parents and extended family members as well as our beloved dogs Yoda and Casper.

When all is said and done the one thing I want is for my family to be a happy family unit, for us to have joy and happiness and for us to be to support each other in our life goals.

For my husband I want him to reach his dreams. I want him to work hard but also to relax and have good moments doing the things he loves.

For Sylvia I want her to gain a good education, to grow up with good strong morals, to be kind, to have charity and compassion towards others and to be a strong, independent women who one day falls in love and has a family of her own.

Balancing Work Life And Family

With all the different facets of my life, from living with chronic illness and adrenal insufficiency, to running a successful blog, doing my part as a Mother and wife and caring for my own sanity things can become a little hectic.

I have days where I am able to do things with plenty of pacing and rest, then there are days when I am 100% bed bound and have to stay in bed all day.

On the most difficult of days I rest for hours but I still push myself to do the work I need to do for the family to have an income. I have to, without blog work I would not be able to fund my medication and without that I’d not be here.

So I find things really tough a lot of the time. This morning I just wanted to go back to sleep once Sylvia had left for school, but I knew I needed to go through my daily list of blog tasks. I set a goal to do this by 11am and then I will go back to sleep and get some rest.

My Priorities Are Changing

I have recently had a change in priorities or balance. If I were able to blog 9-5 then I’d for sure spend more time on social media and doing the things I’d like to do to promote The Inspiration Edit, however the reality is I decided about 8 weeks ago to cut back and focus on just writing and creating posts.

I know if I were to promote my posts more, I’d get more traffic, but I am reserving my time and in cutting back and sacrificing, I am able to manage my daily blog post and help with dinner.

I can set time aside with my daughter to help with school work and play a game or just chat about life and I decided as important as it is to grow my blog and build a following to help build an income, at the end of the day the thing that matters most is spending time with my family.

Now everyone has to balance work with spending time with family. It is never easy and providing for the family is so important. In fact sometimes we are unable to spend time together because we have to work and it’s the case for many in today’s society. Providing and work equals less time with family, yet less time with family equals food on the table and roof over our heads.

However I decided that for now, I need to balance resting, with family and blog work and whilst the natural “business woman” in me says, when you reach the minimum income you need, try to earn more, the mother in me says, make the minimum you need and cut back on social media time so you can rest and be a better mum.

The business mum in me says, grow your followings on social media. Try to improve your facebook and instagram accounts so you can grow your income, yet the mother in me says, for now breath, go slow and steady and take a hit. Don’t worry if your following is at a standstill, so long as you are earning the minimum it’s okay.

The mother in me is saying, learn to budget better, use the blog to have opportunities you could not otherwise afford and be wise with your time. Go slow and enjoy your daughter’s childhood the best you can. Teach her and lead her and do all you can.

The business women in me says, work harder and smarter, find more work opportunities, find ways to grow traffic and your followings and keep up with the other parent bloggers in the UK. Now that is something I do think about and have thought about.

Compare Me against Me

I’ve recently come to the decision that from here on out I will only compare me against me. Rather than worry about being on par with other social media influencers, having the same followings as others or even being like others in the way I blog, I am focussing solely on me.

What I mean is there is no point comparing myself to someone else. My start could be someone else’s middle. My 3 years of hard work could be someone else’s end. You can’t compare your journey to someone else or you will be miserable. That’s why ranks and awards are a catch 22. It’s lovely to be ranked as high as I am as a UK family lifestyle blogger and it’s great to have awards and accolades, however what is most important is comparing my progress against my start.

I now only focus on where I began and where I am now. I look at my page views which began at zero. By Christmas I will have 2 Million page views in less than two years of running The Inspiration Edit. I think that is amazing for me.

By the end of the year I hope to have 15 thousand pinterest followers. I can compare that to a time when I was stuck, when my pinterest was a stalemate and I could not grow beyond 500 people for around 2 and a half years.

Rather than focus on the fact I only have 7K following on Instagram when I really would love 10K so I can use the swipe up feature, I need to recall the day I signed up to Instagram when I knew nothing about it and how hard it was to even grow to 500 followers.

I can compare the very first payment I received as a blogger. I can now get paid 10 times that rate. Yes there are bloggers who may get 100 times that and there are some whom I know who do, but I am not them. I am different and can be happy monitoring my own growth.

There was a time when I would earn a few dollars per year from advertising. Now I am earning a greater amount which is a great help to my family and so I should not compare against other’s incomings but focus on my own income growth.

Blogging is not easy and I work harder than any other task I’ve ever done and that includes studying at university for 6 years and working as a full time teacher and a head teacher.

Yes my blog is hard work, the effort is great and I am still working to get our family to an income level that would make us more comfortable. It’s still a struggle and I’ve worked thousands of hours for no income whatsoever, however things are slowly improving and as I balance life and what matters most with this blog, I hope things will continue to get better.

At the end of the day I have to blog. It’s the bread and butter of the table, yet I will always remember what matters most and that is my family.