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Viral Blog Post? What Does It Mean?

I’ve often heard bloggers talk about Viral Blog Posts and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one. What blogger wouldn’t? The truth is I’d love to wake up one morning and see a blog post that I’ve written shoot up in stats far beyond my usual page views. I’d love to write something which resonated with an audience beyond my usual reach that was shared over and over again. 

Viral Blog Post

I asked myself this week, have I had a viral post already? I genuinely couldn’t answer this. The reason being, I was not sure of the criteria. This lead me to research, “what constitutes a viral blog pos”. After doing reading and discussing the subject I’ve come up with my own definition of what makes a viral post! 

What is a Viral Blog Post?

  1. A Viral Blog Post is a post which gets a lot more page views and shares than usual.
  2. Based on the many articles on how to write viral posts it appears the consensus is that you need thousands of extra views for a post to be considered viral.
  3. However for some people viral is considered anything which is more than 10x your daily average. (In which case I’ve had 4 of these).
  4. Viral Posts are posts which are shared and get a lot more comments than usual.
  5. A Viral Blog Post may be picked up and shared on forums or on social media and in places that you normally do not reach.
  6. A Viral Post may become so viral, it is shared in a newspaper and then gets even more views.
  7.  A viral post in my opinion is a combination of good writing and good luck.
  8. A viral post is a post that makes you feel excited when you realise how many views you have had
  9. Viral posts are rare. They do not appear to happen repeatedly and on a regular basis.
  10. Viral posts are posts which get lots of views when posted or at a future date. It does not have to be on the day they are posted!

What do you consider to be a viral post? Have you had one?

Angela x

Viral blog post