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Viral Blog Post? What Does It Mean?

Viral Blog Post

Viral Blog Post? What Does It Mean?

I’ve often heard bloggers talk about Viral Blog Posts and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one. What blogger wouldn’t? The truth is I’d love to wake up one morning and see a blog post that I’ve written shoot up in stats far beyond my usual page views. I’d love to write something which resonated with an audience beyond my usual reach that was shared over and over again. 

Viral Blog Post

I asked myself this week, have I had a viral post already? I genuinely couldn’t answer this. The reason being, I was not sure of the criteria. This lead me to research, “what constitutes a viral blog pos”. After doing reading and discussing the subject I’ve come up with my own definition of what makes a viral post! 

What is a Viral Blog Post?

  1. A Viral Blog Post is a post which gets a lot more page views and shares than usual.
  2. Based on the many articles on how to write viral posts it appears the consensus is that you need thousands of extra views for a post to be considered viral.
  3. However for some people viral is considered anything which is more than 10x your daily average. (In which case I’ve had 4 of these).
  4. Viral Posts are posts which are shared and get a lot more comments than usual.
  5. A Viral Blog Post may be picked up and shared on forums or on social media and in places that you normally do not reach.
  6. A Viral Post may become so viral, it is shared in a newspaper and then gets even more views.
  7.  A viral post in my opinion is a combination of good writing and good luck.
  8. A viral post is a post that makes you feel excited when you realise how many views you have had
  9. Viral posts are rare. They do not appear to happen repeatedly and on a regular basis.
  10. Viral posts are posts which get lots of views when posted or at a future date. It does not have to be on the day they are posted!

What do you consider to be a viral post? Have you had one?

Angela x

Viral blog post


  1. This is timely for me. I’ve just had a poem I posted on FB this week go “viral”. Because I never anticipated this possibility I wasn’t set up properly or prepared for it. I have no idea how to find out what the reach is, or even if there is a way. There have been a few thousand shares from my page so far but then I had an email from another page to ask if they could post it on their website because they’d had over 15000 shares from their page (I think they must have copied and posted it themselves rather than just clicking share so the stats don’t come back to me) and they had a way to track on-shares and it had already run into the 100s of thousands and was growing quickly. I realise this is something that is not going to happen often, or perhaps ever again, and I’m grateful that my work has been enjoyed. In some ways it’s frustrating though because if I had thought about it beforehand maybe I would have thought about how copyright might be affected, or how to convert this sort of event into actual page clicks! My blog never gets anything like those stats! My work doesn’t make me any money, this was just a little poem I wrote for my baby girl after a sleepless night, and although it’s been gratifying it’s also made me feel a bit naive and isolated to be honest. So I would add to your list, no matter how small your blog or social media following is (mine is very small) put some thought into the possibility of something going viral so that you are ready when it does. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Well done 🙂 It’s lovely to have this experience and it does only happen once in a blue moon 🙂 That must have been exciting for you. Your not the only one who has said something similar in regards to thinking about it and or being prepared for a viral posiblilty! This is food for thought!

      1. Well there are things we can do to prepare, such as making sure we have media packs and things ready so if things go crazy and it helps get work we are prepared but you cant prepare for tons of views and a crash of your host site. lol

  2. Agree with #7. I long for the day one of my posts go viral. That said, I only see true value in it if it garners more readers who will come back to my blog, week-on-week, and engage with me on my social channels. Otherwise, it’s just numbers, right? I imagine people with display ads feel different to me on that one though! Haha. #brilliantblogposts

    1. I think the benefits will be different for different bloggers. Like you say, if someone has add clicks it could come in handy and it can bring in new readers and a new audience. It also depends on the type of post that goes viral..for example id love one on my health condition to gp viral as it would help raise awareness and going viral could raise awareness in other areas too. I guess it really does depend on the individual circumstances of each blogger.

  3. It is really exciting when posts are picked up and your stats quickly rocket. This has happened a couple of times when I have appeared as blog of the day or front page on mumsnet. But I wouldn’t consider these posts vital as I thought viral posts had to go
    Into the 10’s of thousands? Anyway it is a massive compliment if this happens but I never write a post asking will this go viral I just right what is relevant to me and what I am passionate about. I certainly would like the viral post if
    It meant more regular viewers. Really interesting post Angela.

    1. It is an interesting subject. I do think viral to the public means thousands. However to an individual blogger who gets an unusually high amount of views compared to usual- this can be exciting 🙂 If it brings more regular viewers then it’s a fabulous feeling. Angela

  4. One thing I’ve often read is that it can cause hosting problems and blogs being taken down because they’re rammed the server with traffic. So they’re great, but you can also miss out on traffic (and potential) future visitors if that happens. But it would be wonderful.

    My biggest spike was just under 1000 in one day from a post on how to help your child with swimming that I’d blogged for Water Babies, and basically every WB facebook page shared it. It’s got a couple of big spikes since then but nothing like that first day.

    I’m not holding my breath for any others

  5. Hi Angela, sadly I’ve never had a blog post go viral, but I did have one recently that far exceeded my usual number views for a post. I do look at my stats daily and would love to see a post go proper viral. You’d never get me down off that cloud!


  6. I think you’re right that there’s an element of luck – suddenly catching the mood, or blogging something which everyone else has thought but never said. Still waiting for my first one – the closest one I had got a lot of shares straight off but actually has fewer views over time than one of my early one which gets regular steady hits.

    1. There is a lot of luck involved. Thats why i am not keen on the “how to write a blog post which will go viral posts” as the reality is no matter how hard you try to write something great.. it takes other’s to share and read and that requires some luck as you say.

  7. I definitely agree with you that it has a lot to do with luck. I have one post that continues to get pinned a lot and I posted it probably 6 months ago.

    1. Exactly! Each day i try to reach the same goal…mine is realistic and doable and i focus on not going backwards rather than getting more..so when i do get more than my daily goal, I feel really pleased!

  8. I’ve never thought about a viral post, although it would be very exciting to wake up one morning to find out a post has gone viral. Your top post about adrenal insufficiency is really interesting, i’d never heard about it before

  9. I had a post go an old post go a little bit crazy this week. Probably not viral but way more than my normal views over 2 days. It was quite a weird thing. I went from a very slow day for stats to the most views I’ve ever had since starting my blog no promo from me – it must have been shared on Facebook somewhere but I couldn’t figure out where. Bit of a come down afterwards though!

  10. Brilliant post! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a blog post go viral either I don’t think I have. I have had blog posts that have had more shares/likes/comments and I’ve been excited at that thought! Nothing too big though – yet.

  11. You know, I’ve never thought about this, I should get into my analytics and see what the numbers are. Of course I’ve had wishes of going viral, but I have not done anything past that! Thanks for the food for thought, perhaps I need to put some work into this and figure it out. GAH! Another thing I’m not prepared for.

    1. It is an interesting topic and something to think about. I think its a great thing but after thinking i realised there are things to do to prepare just in case i get lucky! 🙂 Angela

  12. Yay, I can comment on your posts again 😀
    I would obviously love to have a viral post. I must admit, every time I press publish a little part of me hopes maybe this one. I have had one post that at rhe time hit the 10x more than my usual stats criteria, but were still talking only a few hundred views.

  13. I’ve not had any posts that have gone massively viral, although I’ve found that when I collaborate with others that increases my audience for sure. I’ve experimented with list type posts too (9 ways to be more creative) for instance, and they’ve had more traction too – in fact I should probably write another one of those posts! #AnythingGoes

    1. It’s not a simple thing to do otherwise it would happen all the time but there are some types of posts that do better than others for each of us and we cant work that out through looking at our stats etc!

  14. I’ve never had a viral post, I have had some that get a lot more views than others, but I always thought viral meant hundreds of thousands of views! Most of the viral posts I have seen tend to be something where the writer has upset so many people and the arguments have kicked off in the comments!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  15. Congrautulations on your viral post. I’ve not had one yet although I am coveting a local event tomorrow which I am hoping make be of interest on Facebook and so drive some interest! If not back to the drawing board!! Xx #anythinggoes xx

  16. Interesting post for me as although I haven’t had one go viral I was Mumsnet’s blog of the day yesterday which led to a welcome spike in stats. It was a post that proved controversial to some though, so not all comments were positive!

    1. Being on Mumsnet is cool! I know what you mean about controversial. Sometimes people wont agree and we may get negative comments but thats okay, it’s part and parcel of being a blogger.

  17. Very interesting thoughts. I think your stats are amazing. I have just started blogging and when I got twelve shares, I fell over my own feet! Would be fab to see more on this. Thanks you. The Un-Yummy Mummy.

  18. I had 3 viral posts within a six week period last year. I don’t think I’ll ever manage that or indeed another one again as I think I used up all my genie wishes! What I do know is that it is not just about thousands of shares/likes. It is also considered viral if it has been shared/liked by a number of people greater than the sum of all your followers. Thought I’d just throw in my tuppence which is probably no help lol x

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