What Are Shoppets From Shopkins

This last week Sylvia and I discovered the new range of Shopkins toys called Shoppets. When we first discovered Shopkins Sylvia was about 5. She collected little Shopkins characters which were often given to her as rewards for helping me out with Blog posts.


As time went on the Shopkins seasons grew, more Shopkins were shown on youtube. We had a really awesome Shopkins Chef Club Party at our house and we received lots of toys including Sylvia’s first Shoppie Doll.


Sylvia loves Shoppie Dolls and has acquired quite a collection, some new and some from a car boot sale which was a fantastic bargain.


Now Shopkins have introduced a new toy called Shoppets. A Shopkins Shoppet is a pet for a Shoppie Doll.

Today Sylvia and I purchased her first Shoppet called Caterina. Caterina is  kitten that loves to dance and loves music. She is a pink cat from the Glitz dancers tribe and belongs in the Pawville collection of the Shopkins range.

Sylvia is super excited. She loves little animals, cats and dogs and the new Shoppet range is something she has a desire to collect. She will be earning her Shoppet’s over the coming months as she helps me with blog work and photography for The Inspiration Edit and hopefully we might get a chance to review this range. You just never know.

To see our review of Skyanna and her Shoppie Doll Plane visit here.

Shopkins Shoppies Skyanna's Jet Playset

*This is not a paid post.

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