Wendy Houses Not Just For Summer

wendy house

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As a mum, September is signalling an end to Summer and the countdown to Christmas for my daughter and other little ones and that means present planning! Something I love to do! Who doesn’t like finding great gifts for the kids

 wendy house

When I was a child I loved to role play. I remember copying my mum and playing with my doll as she cared for my baby brother. I would have loved to have a me sized house to share with my sister Deborah. I must say I still have fun looking at the adorable little play houses and their tiny windows which are sometimes even two stories.

wendy house

My Dad in New Zealand started making and selling Wendy Houses after I had moved to the UK. I’ve always half hoped that my husband John would build a house for Sylvia or a tree house but we looked into it and John’s not really a wood person. Wendy houses can be more intricate than you think, plus life just gets busy. When the weather is grim, it never stops Sylvia and her friends from playing outside. So I’ve been thinking about it and I think a Wendy house could be the ideal play area for Sylvia and her friend who love to role play to make themselves a fun pretend home. it would be better than making a den in the home and then me having to clean up after them, taking all the blankets back upstairs.


Like most people, I’ve planned and designed my garden which has its own look so I’d really like to find a playhouse that will fit in. I’ve been looking at playhouses from the GBC Group and they have quite a few different looks from log cabin to a Georgian theme. Although if there’s a discreet wooded spot behind a greenhouse or shed I think that would create a more magical feel anyway. I’ve been particularly looking for a house with stable doors because I think it’d be perfect for transforming it into a shop or ice-cream parlour. Just imagine the fun role play Sylvia and her friends could do in a house like that!

wendy house

I’d also love to get more crafty and have been looking on Pinterest for ideas for cushions and little homey bits for the inside of a Wendy house. I will have to have a chat with Sylvia and maybe we could plan her dream garden house. It could be lots of fun. 

Do your children have a playhouse or treehouse, which theme did you go for?

Angela x

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