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Well done Sylvia Jumping For Mummy


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Well done Sylvia Jumping For Mummy

Yesterday my beautiful daughter jumped 2000 times to help fundraise towards my Adrenal Pump. I’m so proud of Sylvia. It was not an easy task but she did a fantastic job and we managed to raise £304 in total.

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We went to the Oxygen Free Jumping Park in Wigan which is not too far from our home. 2000 jumps is quite a lot for any child and so we decided to count in lots of 50.


Sylvia did a fantastic job. The workers at Oxygen supported us. People clapped and cheered Sylvia on and she got lots of encouragement and motivation.


Sylvia did the first 500 jumps in less than 15 minutes. I was so impressed. After that she began to feel a little tired. We had lots of water bottles and juice and she took a lot of breaks each time she needed a rest.


I was so impressed with my little girl, doing just an amazing job for her mummy and I’m so so proud of Sylvia. We both love Trampolines and I loved using one myself when I was younger. Sylvia loves to jump on a trampoline so this was the perfect fundraiser.


Although I could not jump myself, I really did want to get on the trampoline and so I stood on the edge and held hands with Sylvia for part of the time. It was a great afternoon and she was really a great sport.


We are working towards a fundraising goal of £4000. We saved up £2000 to pay for my trial and to borrow an adrenal pump for two months but I will need £3000 to buy my own pump in about 3 weeks time and then £1000 to cover the first six months of medication and supplies while I build a case for the NHS.


Having an adrenal pump has made such a difference to my life all ready and I don’t want to go back to tablets. I’m a little scared as raising money is hard to do and I don’t know if we will be able to do it. Being unwell I try to blog and do all I can but I have limitations and am just burning out sometimes.


I can’t give up and I wont give up. My daughter is precious. I have spent over 3 years seriously unstable with my health and since going on the borrowed pump almost 5 weeks ago, things have improved a lot and I’ve simply been able to do more than before.


So yes I am scared, scared of not reaching my goal but I am also determined and I am going to send my daughter back to my mum for another week in an attempt to spend time sorting and selling the clutter from our home which could help us save some more cash.


I have to sacrifice and spend time apart to be able to do what needs to be done to find this money. It’s tough but I will keep working as hard as I can with my current condition. I feel a little stressed out too over the whole situation but I wont quit and wont give up.


Sylvia did me proud and I’m so happy that she did this for me. 2000 jumps is amazing for an 8 year old and my daughter is fantastic. Now to continue fighting to find the money to keep me stable and able as a Mother on a more permanent basis.

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  1. Well done to Sylvia! This is really impressive achievement 🙂
    It reminds of when I was at that age and discovered the skipping rope. I would skip for hours and hours without a break until all other kids dropped.

  2. Angela your journey is truly inspirational, your little girl is so loving to help you as much as she can. I have addisons since 2012. Also autoimmune urticaria and chronic pain. I’m pleased the pump you have is helping you. I’m looking into getting one as living on tablets is very difficult as you know. The contant exhaustion and bad days I well understand. Keep up the fight with NHS. I’m in Australia and it’s not covered here. Very unfair as there are not a huge number of Addison’s suffered in the community.

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