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Weight Watchers Or Slimming World

Weight Watchers Or Slimming World

Well it’s been a few weeks and I have not shared my progress on the weight loss journey. I have two main reasons. First I have not managed to lose and am just about back where I started in February and second because I’ve simply been so so unwell lately and it’s been impossible to do any exercise, to even walk around the home how I usually would or to burn more energy than I eat.

I’m not sure what illness is playing up or what condition is causing me to feel so unwell but I’ve had headaches, eye pain, dizziness and nausea for the pat 3-4 weeks. I could speculate and guess. It might be my Iron levels, I may be ready for a new Iron Infusion, but it could also be vitamin D or my parathyroid or a host of others things which affects me.

Either way I have been so sick and stuck in bed a whole lot and it has not helped with my weight loss efforts. I’ve even had to reply on others to bring me food at times and so I have not always had control over what is cooked, what is prepared and how many points it is.

I really do like Weight Watchers and when I am well enough to follow the plan and attend meetings I seem to stay on track. However when I get really unwell and stop counting completely it is not helpful.

I actually have been thinking about my weight loss experience so far and note that every time I’ve done Weight Watchers for some reason or other I seem unable to stick to counting and pointing my food.

This has lead me to question whether Weight Watchers is right for me? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t! Maybe I just need to keep at it? One thing I know is that more of my friends do slimming world than weight watchers and they have been saying, “come to Slimming World” it’s great.

I have never done Slimming World so I would not know. I honestly am tempted to jump ship and try it out or at least look into the Slimming World plan and see if it is something we could do as a family? Something that might help me? I really don’t know.

I like Weight Watchers but that does not stop me questioning if there is a better plan out there for me? So the questions is Weight Watchers or Slimming World. Should I stay or should I go?

I’d love to hear your experiences and advice and what you think? Please do leave a comment below if you think it could be helpful in making the decision.



  1. I’m not sure which would be better. Honestly, I don’t follow any diet plans. I just eat everything in moderation and I jog daily. I also try to drink lots of water throughout the day.

  2. I can’t seem to find any difference. To me, either way you are alright if you think you are alright. It is a question of attitude. Of course, there is a demarcation line that makes makes you comfortable or uncomfortable with your weight. Staying within the comfort zone is good.

    1. Attitude does play role yes but some plans suit people’s lifestyles better and I am trying to figure that out for me.

    1. I do like Weight Watchers, there is nothing wrong with it, but I am wondering which would be best. I guess as I do have more friends who attend Slimming world it may be better support wise but I’m really not sure?? I am going to be researching and try to find out more about SW just incase.

  3. Weight loss journey is not easy, i have done it again and again u know what i mean, but if one follows a strict regime and it is rewarding and also helpful to keep themselves healthy.

  4. I think no matter what plan you decide to do. You have to stick to it and be disciplined.!! You can do it!

  5. It’s definitely about giving it your all and not giving up which is easier said than done! I have friends who have done both programs and I’ve heard great things about both of them.

  6. I say try something new. Or even alternate between diets, it will keep the foods interesting. It is hard to stick with a diet plan but I know you can do this. Even if you fall off get right back on.

  7. I am a religious follower of weight watchers, i dont much about about any other, and I tell you it has worked for me just perfectly. Its really hard stickin to any plan that is too rigorous, so I recommend weight watchers.

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