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Weight Watchers Flex Cook Book And My First Silver 7

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Weight Watchers Flex Cook Book And My First Silver Seven

I have been following weight watchers for 14 days now and so far so good. I can honestly say I have stuck to the program 100% so far, not going over my allocated points. It’s not been easy but it’s something I am determined to give a good try.

I’ve realised that there is a huge difference from the last time I tried this program or any weight loss program in the past and that is that I’m focussing on filling my body with nutrition dense foods.

Rather than eat anything, I am trying hard to eat meals which are full of Macro and Micronutrients.

I’m working hard to do this as I have had vitamin and mineral deficiencies for a few years and I am hoping by focussing on this my health might improve along with losing weight.

So I attended my Weight Watchers meeting and had my second weigh in. I weighed 17 stone 10 pounds.

I worked just as hard as I did last week and I knew I would not lose as much as last time but this is a really good weight loss for one week and I am pleased. I have been on a double dose of steroids for a few days so I didn’t expect this.

Altogether I have lost 7 1/2 pounds since I started this new journey. This is good news. I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything yet but will keep going a week at a time and look forward to when I can feel it.

weight watchers flex

My first goal was to get into the 17 Stone bracket, then to lose 7 pounds which I have done.

Woohoo! My next goal is to lose 1 Stone. I can do this. I took a before photo. I was supposed to do this at the start but didn’t get around to it but here it is.

This week I was sent a lovely gift from Weight Watchers. I am so excited. It is the new Weight Watchers Flex Cook Book and is full of recipes which look so delicious and tasty.

I cannot wait to try it. In fact I have been working on a shopping list so make sure we bring in nutritious foods into our home and have got into a pattern of doing the grocery shopping with John straight after Weight watchers so I am at my strongest point for buying the right foods.

I am super excited to try out my new cook book especially the chicken recipes and the desserts. My daughter is really into baking and cooking at the moment and if she is going to be making treats, It would be great for us to try some healthy recipes.

I think when it comes to losing weight it’s always going to be a challenge. This time around I am determined to get it right and to focus on healthy options.

I have tried a Weight Watchers Chinese meal which is so delicious and it has beans, broccoli, peppers and other veg in it. It’s tastes good and I was able to have it on the weekend when my hubby and daughter had a different treat.

Snacks are still hard. I still get really hungry, especially in the evening and at night so I have carrot sticks, kiwifruit and hummus on hand. I am not a fan of yoghurt too much but am trying to find something I like which is high in calcium.

I have been researching super foods, which are foods with lots of different micronutrients in them and am trying to find creative ways to add these to our meals.

So this is my week and I am ready to start week three. I can do this.

Angela x

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  1. I have heard of WW but I have never tried the program. It’s great that they have cookbooks, so that you can cook delicious and varied meals at home, knowing exactly what you eat. Congratulations on your first milestone!

  2. Awesome job! Weight loss is so hard. It’s one of those things that you just have to stick with it. I have trouble sticking with something past two weeks. I’m on day two of my second week, so here’s hoping that it’ll stick this time around.

  3. Well done on your journey so far! I have been eyeing up the weight watchers flex, wasn’t sure how it worked exactly but I’m thinking I might write about it in the future x

  4. When I did Weight Watchers several years ago, it worked great. My daughter and I are wanting to lose some weight and this would be great to get started in again.

  5. Sending you divine love and light to assist and guide you on your new journey.focusing on your overall wellness. I look forward to seeing the results as you continue to reach milestone. Keep up the good work. You are inspiration.

  6. I’m the first time I hear about Weight Watchers and this is a great idea. We always need support to reach our goal. I’m glad you’re making progress. I wish you a lot of success!

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