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How Weight Watchers Is Better This Time Around

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How Weight Watchers Is Better This Time Around

Yesterday I went to Weight Watchers for my 5th Meeting. I have to admit, it was the first time I wanted to go but didn’t feel in the mood to stay for the meeting part. I even told John and Sylvia to expect me to come out early as I felt unwell and tired and planned to get weighed and then leave. However, when I arrived I decided against leaving. So far I have stayed for every meeting and I have benefited and I’m glad I stayed this time.

The good news is that I lost weight. I lost half a pound. Although it’s not what I had hoped for, I am 6 pounds lighter than when I began this new weight loss journey and I am pleased about that.

Had I not started, I might even be hitting the 19 stone mark by now.

I have come to realise that I have to work harder than usual to lose weight.

On the weeks I exercise or am able to walk more I am able to lose more. On the weeks I am on extra medication and too unwell to walk around the home and am stuck in bed I can’t lose.

I realise that the calories or food I take in needs to be less than I use, however the amounts of energy I burn each week is certainly a lot lower than the average person which is why I am going to lose at a much slower rate.

However I can do this slow and steady and will stick with it.

I even managed to get my Fitbit which I’ve been wanting. Sylvia and I entered the Rustlers Burger hack competition and she won first prize. Amazing.

The prize was some cash, enough to pay for Minecraft for her and my Fitbit watch and then the rest to go aside for medication. I am super pleased.


The Weight Watchers Meetings Are Better

So the Weight Watchers meeting went well. We talked about support and I felt really supported. We have a small group but it is very supportive and I like the ladies in the group.

I even considered attending a different night this week but knew I’d miss the regular ladies in my group so chose to stick with Thursday nights.

Whilst discussing support I think there are a few things you can do you help each other and to get support when losing weight. The first thing is to tell people.

  • Share your success and your not so good moments and those who care about you will give you encouragement to keep going.
  • Keep a journal or share your experience online.

That’s what I am doing and whilst it is great to share, it helps me to process the week and refocus.

Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook (Weight Watchers Cooking)Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook (Weight Watchers Cooking)

Another good way to get support is to join groups. I know about 5 years ago when I last tried Weight Watchers I was on my own. I was still a single mum. It was hard dragging Sylvia through the snow to meetings and covering the cost of the meetings.

Back then I struggled to record points. Now there are changes that make it easier.

I can record points on my app on the phone super fast. Most packaged foods can be added with the simple scan of a barcode and there are online groups you can join and be a part of.

I also love the Flex plan which allows me to eat lots of protein and fresh veg without pointing it.

I think the improvements in Weight Watchers since my last attempt to lose weight are significant and that they really do and will make a difference.

I have never lasted more than 6 to 8 weeks on the program in the past so this time I will fight through and do it.

I signed up to a 6 month membership so I would have to go for the whole 6 months and to give this a real shot. This time I am in for the long haul.

I have got this, even if it is half a pound at a time.

Angela x


  1. I’ve always liked Weight Watchers. It’s so cool that they’ve improved even more. Good luck with it. I’m sure you’ll do great!

  2. I like the Weight Watchers support group meetings. Half a pound lost (think of it as GONE, not lost) is a half a pound gone, and that’s a great thing! I love that WW has made significant changes, so it’s easier to keep track of points via an app and joining online groups.

  3. It’s hard to loss weight if you know you are alone in this journey.. Support system is important – from your husband and family.. I struggled with this after giving birth.. Thanks to the undying support of my dear husband..

  4. Glad it worked for you this time. Half pound is still a progress, I am happy for you! Having support groups is really ideal, you can share your journey and be encouraged by others.

  5. Weight watchers is a great program! I’ve seen a lot of people lose a lot of weight in. Some is small doses and others in larger doses. Either way, it’s a great system to join.

  6. I have never tried Weight Watchers so I am not really sure how it works. But it’s great that they have made it simpler and you can hold on to it easier. I hope you will lose the 6 pounds you want! 🙂

    1. I’ve always done well with weight watchers until I stopped going. I think the key is support and how easy it is to work out points and record them now.

  7. That’s so awesome. It is so difficult to do on your own. But with everything that you have to go through, a half a pound is a victory. And on the weeks where you cannot do anything at all, maintaining is also a victory. You take them where you can get them. I am glad it’s working for you this time around.

  8. Losing weight is difficult. I’m struggling with this myself and I know how easy it is to get discouraged. I hope to sign up for weight watchers this year as well because I find it’s the easiest program to actually stick too. Good luck hun! You’ve got this!

    1. I found that hard 5-10 years ago….but now there is an app and you can scan the barcode of foods or simply type in the food and weight and the points are there for you. So easy!

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