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This week has been an interesting one to say the least. My daughter had been away visiting her grandparents for the half term and it’s perfect timing as I have been feeling really unwell all week.

It’s been a busy week for me, starting with Monday when our story came out in the Daily Mail. That kept me busy most of Monday and Tuesday and my goal was to simply have the energy to get showered and have my hair washed. I was wiped out but I managed to do those two things.

On Tuesday John took me up to Chorley Hospital to have my Growth Hormone levels measured. We then stopped at the Housing association where we have been bidding regularly for an adapted home for the past 18 months. The house we have has skinny doors so if i’m needing to use the wheelchair it cannot fit through a door.

Some appropriate homes became available in May and we were actually at the top of the housing list but someone in the office decided to skip us and make us “not eligible” which was really silly after waiting so long. However it’s too late and the homes in our village which were suitable for our needs are now gone. So much for a fair waiting list, but there is nothing they can do now the homes have been allocated out. We will just have to wait a lot longer. One day we will get a suitable place but it could take years especially if they choose to skip us again.

Wednesday was a day of recovering as was Thursday. When I go out somewhere it drains all my energy and strength. I was pleased on Wednesday to get a call from my Endocrinologist in Preston who returned my call after a week of pestering. He agreed after my last discharge from hospital I’d be put on the wrong dose of medication (I was right and I did know it). So changed my dose over the phone and I was pleased to have finally spoken to him after a few months.

Thursday was resting and receiving lots of parcels in the post and items to review. We got Dome8 Iphone cases and Sylva has a new book and a huge water gun to review. We also have dog food to trial for two months and John took Yoda and Casper put for the longest walk ever. I tried mashed liver and potatoes. I’ve been trying to put plenty of Iron into my body and this was the first meal I threw up in two days. Thats good though compared to a few weeks back when i could be sick between 12-20 times in one day.

Bichon Dog

Friday was crazy. We went to Liverpool to have a review for my Gastric Bypass. This was a psychology review to discuss how I’m coping emotionally with all the huge changes and it was a great success. I went to an “Eating disorder clinic” which was interesting. I don’t have an eating disorder. I never have really. My huge weight gain was due to steroids and my medication but those who have surgery are seen under this team. There were some really skinny girls in that building. You could tell they were unwell. I on the other hand was massive and wondered if they thought i look disgusting. As if I cared but I did wonder what someone who hates fat would think of m, a 17 stone woman.


On the way home from Liverpool we stopped by Ikea. I love that shop and John whizzed me around quite quickly in the wheelchair. I bought a vase for 50p a new mirror for £3.50, two glass hot chocolate cups for 85p each and a glass container.


We spent a whopping £9.20 and I was pleased we stuck to our budget. ikea is a shop you can go in and spend way too much if your not careful.


We actually sat down and ate while in Ikea. I used to love Sweedish meatballs and I got a child’s meal with 5 meatballs mash and peas. It cost £1.50. I ate about one quarter of a meatball and new it was not going to work. After gastric bypass there are certain food you simply cannot tolerate, it hurts and causes pain until your sick and for me pork and red meat is one. I can tolerate mince but nothing else. So john was happy he got to eat my meatballs. I ate the mash potato and two spoons of peas.


It’s hard getting my head around not being able to eat things. It’s like my whole life has changed. I cant eat bread either or pasta and until my stomach is more healed there are lots of foods which wont work for me so I feel limited and its frustrating. I am also struggling not being able to drink when I eat, it’s something I have to get used to for the rest of my life.

Well, I was really pleased with our purchases but it did knock me out for the rest of the day as well as John. He was wiped, he also suffers from Chronic fatigue due to his thyroid condition and we both crashed out. I fell asleep at 4pm and woke at 11pm at night. That’s how exhausted I was and because I slept I missed a dose of medication which was not good.

So here I am at the end of a crazy week. It has been emotionally challenging. I did get out to one nice place but most times I leave the house its for appointments and more appointments. I’m trying to get my head around the life changing changes of my gastric bypass and will have another review in about 6 weeks to see where i’m at which is good.

So thats my week. Next week will be interesting. We have a lot of kids items to review and I am going to Liverpool to see my Surgeon for a physical review after gastric Bypass and Wednesday I’m going to attend a blogging event – if I can make it. I want to go but it may wear me out so I will see what happens. Thursday I am back in Manchester Hospital for my much anticipated Day Curve test which I’ve waited for for many many months. That is 8am till 5pm with repeated blood cortisol tests throughout the day. It should help to show the situation on my medication absorbing.

So we have a busy week planned for someone like me who is not so well. I hope I can make the blogging event, that would be nice but we shall see. If I do go, I imagine I will be wiped out the following week but it may be worth having a few hours of fun and the chance to discuss a collaboration opportunity on the blog which I think would benefit us.  We shall see what happens. First and foremost I need to get through the next round of tests and appointments.