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Weddings, Bowling and Baking

Welcome back to Days Like These. This week has been very interesting. I’ve been on my Liver Shrinking Diet a while now and it’s been really hard. I managed to go out on Friday with Sylvia and John and attended a Wedding Ceremony on Saturday. I was then burnt out for the rest of the week but on Wednesday I had enough energy to spend some time with Sylvia to finish our book and make some cookies.


Sylvia and I have been reading a brand new Disney book called Convergence. This is the first in the series of the Zodiac Legacy written by Stan Lee who created marvel. You can read the full review which went live yesterday.

The Zodiac Legacy


So this week I have been watching a series called Cold Justice. The television show is a group of real life CSI, detectives and lawyers who work cold cases to try find the answers to unsolved murders and cold cases. I’ve really enjoyed watching this and felt a real sense of justice when the team have been able to work out what happened years later, bring answers to the victims family and charge the killers for their crimes. This has also been my 1 hour timeout from blogging each evening and it has felt great.

I also had the opportunity to watch my friend Julia get married. The bride was fashionably late but it was a beautiful ceremony and I had the opportunity to take some lovely photos. I love getting wedding invitations and attending my friends Weddings. I’ve recently got another wedding invitation. My friend Rebecca is getting married too and I’m so super excited.



On Friday night we went bowling at the hollywood bowl. Sylvia wore a new dress from Tesco FnF range. I bought the dress at the end of winter for Β£3 and it looked lovely on her.

Hollywood Bowl Middlebrook

As for myself, John bought me a sports outfit to wear for my pre operation photographs. I plan to do before and after pictures during my weight loss journey. John bought the extra large top and bottoms and also the medium size so I should hopefully eventually be able to get down to a medium. I sure hope so.

Sports Clothes


I heard that Vlog Stars is back for 2016. Vlog Stars is a vlogging linky run by Aby from YouBabyMeMummy and Amy from Amy Treasure.Β Each month there is a topic or theme and those who take part create a vlog based on the theme. This month the theme is Parenting Confessions and I will be taking part for the first time. So watch this space!


Sylvia and I finally did a little baking this week. I say finally because I’ve not had the energy or strength to cook in a while and so we opted for a Gluten and Dairy Free Oat Cookie Mix by Delicious Alchemy.


All we had to do was add butter and water and Sylvia did all the mixing herself. It was very simple and easy.

Baking with Sylvia - 2
Baking with Sylvia – 2

I was not able to eat any cookies due to my Gastric Bypass preparations.but Sylvia said they were delicious and has them in a container and is allowed one every day after school.

Baking with Sylvia - 3
Baking with Sylvia – 3

And Lastly

As I prepare to go have major surgery I am feeling a little nervous and scared. It’s going to be life changing and painful but I know it will be worth it.

Angela x