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Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Anniversaries are yearly celebrations, and they thus deserve as much attention as we award other such holidays. The same amount of effort you put into getting a lovely firework display for New Year’s should show on this special day. Or even use more. After all, you are celebrating someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life. What can you do to make it unique?

Well, picking wedding anniversary presents for her is somewhat complicated. You’ve been married for four years at this point but are unlikely to have faced harsh trials in your marriage. Thus, you are still in your honeymoon phase, to some extent.

Here are some ideas that could help you remember this day for years to come:

Go Out

This plan works for when you are both in town but cannot get away for a long time. You have some disposable cash and want to spend time together while being out on the social scene. How can this play out?

Open House Visit

If you’ve been thinking of buying a home, why not use this opportune moment to picture the future? Look at the open-listings and choose one which meets your desires. Tour the house and think of ways in which you could do the décor. And no, the house does not have to be in your price range. Get carried away with the flow of ideas as you bond on house-hunting tips.


Sure, you have lived in your current city for a considerable period. But how much do you know about it? If a tourist was to ask you for directions to most places, gun to your head, would you get it right? If the answer is no, then taking a tour of your city is a good idea. Try out the different eateries and forms of transport. It will be quite the thrill, especially with your partner by your side all the while.

Sleep Out

You probably spend a lot of nights in the house now that you are married. When is the last time you checked into a hotel and spent the day after ordering room service? If you cannot remember when this was, now is an excellent time to start.

The honeymoon suite makes for a great choice. If you can, go to a fancy hotel where they serve all kinds of good stuff.

Get ready to snuggle and talk through the night as you strengthen your bond.

Take a Class Together

Learning, ugh! Is this your first thought on seeing this? Well, it turns out that taking a class together is a sure way to enjoy each other’s company. Also, you get to learn something new.

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Plus, it helps to be on the same team such that you can do away with any competitiveness that could mar the day.

Though, it is okay to compete with the other couples. See what activities you would like to do together. Be it dancing, cooking, art, or other hobbies; you are sure to find something that works for both of you.

Volunteer Work

Helping people out uplifts your spirits. Thus, this would be a great way to mark the good fortune that you have had as a couple. Choose a course and contribute to it. Not only will you help someone in the process, but you will also benefit from getting the good feels.

Stay In

Staying indoors is not a bad idea. It could be that you are all craving some alone time with each other. Or you have busy schedules. Whatever calls for your being at home, you can make the most of it by:

Watching the Wedding Video

Many people often forget that there is footage of their wedding. Over time, the thought of watching it recedes to the back of their mind.

An excellent way to celebrate this day would be to enjoy some popcorn and wine as you watch the video. You can have a good laugh as you watch your loved ones embarrass themselves in the full glare of the camera.

Dine Together

You don’t have to cook but doing so would surely make the day memorable. Ordering takeout is also a good idea. And where you are not working with a budget, order from a fancy restaurant. Settle down for a candle-lit dinner and whisper sweet nothings to each other all night.

And you could also go all out and get a chef to make your favourite dishes while you enjoy a good bottle of wine. You could enjoy this meal under the stars for that added romantic vibe.


Your wedding was an occasion where you brought together those who love and wish you well. Why not do that again and celebrate this milestone together? This move is unlike renewal of vows and will thus be less tedious. A simple party will do where you get together, eat, drink, and laugh the night away.

And when it comes to gifts, do not shy away from the traditional approaches or what some may consider cliché. It’s your fairytale. Best to take hold of the reins now.

This is a collaborative post.