Weight Watchers Spinach Egg Muffins

Are you looking for a weight-watchers-approved spinach muffins recipe? You’re going to love these Weight Watchers Spinach Egg Muffins.

These spinach egg muffins are great for starting the day or having a quick bite of something to give you energy throughout the day as well.


eggs Reduced Fat milk mozzarella ham spinach – ⅛ tsp alt pepper

Spray the inside of the muffin/cupcake tin with nonstick spray or use muffin tins. Add all ingredients, except ham and cheese, to a food processor or blender and mix until well incorporated.

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Chop ham into small cubes. Scoop an even amount of the egg mixture into a 12 cavity cupcake/muffin tin. Add ham and cheese, to your liking.

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Bake for 22-25 mins until the center is set.

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TIPS FOR MAKING EGG AND SPINACH MUFFINS If you put the cheese in the middle of the muffin, it melts perfectly and makes for simple clean-up.

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