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Your home should be a safe haven where you can rest and relax after dealing with the constant chaos and commotion. This is why the interior of your home should be a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy calm and silent memories. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, especially when you have to deal with rowdy neighbors and city commotions. You may struggle to find peace and quiet if you have to deal with constant noise from your neighbors. Therefore, it’s important that you find ways to reduce the noise in your immediate surroundings.

Tips and Tricks on How to Soundproof Your Home From Outside Noise

Cover surfaces to absorb noise

First things first, you have to cover hard surfaces and fill empty spaces. An easy way to reduce the noise levels is by using an area rug. Get a hand-woven rug to add a lavish touch. Alternatively, you can use a fluffy shag rug if you want something more fun and daring. Carpet tiles are another great alternative, and they can be useful when you want to dampen noise coming from your downstairs neighbors.

Soundproof the windows

Unlike light, sound waves can travel through most objects easily, which explains why you can still hear the traffic noise outside despite closing your windows. This makes your windows the greatest source of noise penetration. To prevent external noise and regain comfort, you may want to consider installing retrofit double glazing windows.

Put up heavy curtains

Changing your curtains for those with heavier material is a great way to soundproof your home. Curtains made from heavy materials can help absorb the noise from the streets and your noisy neighbors. However, to block even more noise, ensure that curtains cover the wall below and above your windows.

Rearrange your furniture

If your next-door neighbor plays his piano or amped-up electric guitar loudly and past bedtime, you may have thought about moving, especially if you have asked them to keep it down. What you need to do is just put stuff between you and the noisy neighbor. You can start by placing heavy furniture like a bookcase against the dividing wall to cover as much wall as possible.

Seal the doors

In case you didn’t know, the small cracks around your door can let in a substantial amount of noise and ruin your quiet. Therefore, all other soundproofing efforts will be futile if you don’t address them. Therefore, ensure that you use high-quality weather-stripping between the door and door frame to seal the cracks. Similarly, if you note that there’s a gap between the door and floor, use a heavy-duty draft blocker or door sweep to seal the air gap.

Combine comfort and practicality

You can use your furniture as a natural insulator by strategically placing the chairs and couches to help soften the effects of outdoor noise. Additionally, get a fully-stuffed sofa over just a plain or normal model. Anything overstuffed will help absorb the incoming noise.

Final Thoughts

The above simple tips will help you soundproof your home. However, sometimes the structure of your home may be to blame for poor soundproofing. Thankfully, there are various home upgrade options and materials that can help soundproof your home.