Advantages of Wall Mural Wallpaper Against Painting

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Who doesn’t like a pretty wall in their living or working space? One of the oldest techniques to decorate the walls and make them interesting is painting murals. Murals are massive-sized paintings done on walls. 

However, in modern times, you can easily take advantage of wall mural wallpaper that can be stuck onto the wall and change the overall look and aesthetic value of the space in a more time and cost-effective manner. 

Here are some advantages of wall mural wallpaper over painting. 

Variety and options 

Unlike paint, where your options are limited as most paint shops have only a limited range of colors, mural wallpapers give you the benefit of choosing exactly what you need and want. Mural wallpapers are available any way you want; no matter what color, illustration, image, texture, or pattern it is that you require which makes it a very good choice for interior decors. 

Time Effective

Wall mural wallpapers are installed by sticking them onto a prepared wall. This will obviously take some time and effort. But, the time spent on installing a mural wallpaper is way less than painting a wall. And especially, if you are doing a hand-painted mural, that is going to take ages in time and a ton of skills and expertise. So, to quickly and effectively sort out your interiors, wallpapers can be a good option as it is easy to install as well as remove. 

'Dinosaurs Florals' Wallpaper Mural by The Tiny Garden at


Another very interesting and probably quirky feature about these wall mural wallpapers is the fact that they are customizable. No matter what illustration, artwork, or photograph you want, you can get your wallpaper to be customized with that specific image. 


Painting and hand-painted murals are pretty expensive as they should be. Painting a full-size mural takes a lot of effort, energy, and expertise which is why the cost is justified. But, mural wallpapers are comparatively cheaper as they do not require expert installation. People can easily install these wallpapers themselves and enhance the aesthetic value of their house.

Better especially for businesses 

Many businesses decide to do murals in their official buildings as a part of their interiors. These murals are usually done in such a way that they reflect a message that represents something related to their brand image. Now, as murals painted manually are pretty time-consuming, it is impossible to keep up these murals with the fast-changing brand image requirements. But, when you opt for mural wallpaper, it becomes easier to keep changing up the overall theme and image to keep your image relevant to the current market as wallpapers give you options for customization and easy removals. 

No Drying Time Required

When a wall is painted, it requires some time for the paint to perfectly dry and for the mural to become permanent on the wall. But for a printed mural wallpaper, there is no such drying time required; you can just install it and start using the wall already. 

Good to hide defects on the wall 

Mural wallpapers are essentially wallpapers and they do provide the basic function any wallpaper would provide; mural wallpapers cover up and hide the defects like small holes, cracks, and paint patches that make the wall look unpleasant. It takes no time and hassles of filling up the defects on the wall and simply enhances the look quickly. 

Easier maintenance and more durability 

Wallpapers are always the easiest to maintain. Most wallpaper murals come with a resistance to water and staining. A little bit of sponging with soapy water once in a while can keep your wallpaper good as new. 

Wallpapers also have more durability than painting and hand-painted murals which is why they can keep you free of any further worry even after years of installation. 


Wall mural wallpapers are time and cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, easily customizable, and even more durable than any other form of wall decoration which is why it becomes one of the best and most popular options for interior designers. 

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