Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

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Last week John and I were given a Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 Vacuum Cleaner to test out and I must say I am super impressed.

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

We started out with a visit to our home and had a fantastic demonstration from one of the top Vorwerk salesmen in the UK. Seriously, I was well impressed. Before the demo was even half way through I realised just how thorough and good the Kobold VK 200 is at collecting dust and dirt and keeping the home clean.

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

We were shown a demonstration of all the equipment and different pieces and we were shown how each tool works. I cleaned a small area with my own vacuum cleaner and then we went over it with the Kobold VK 200. I was really quite shocked at how much dirt was stuck in the carpet and had been missed by my own everyday Vacuum. It was quite shocking actually.

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

What I love about the Kobold Vacuum cleaner the most is the fact the vacuum automatically senses what type of ground your on and adjusts the settings of the vacuum while your using it. I also loved the vacuum and mop head which vacuums and scrubs the floor clean. My kitchen floor has never been this clean in my life and I was genuinely amazed that the Kobold was able to remove stains on my floor that have been there from before we moved in.

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

Another use of the Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 which I love is its ability to dry clean the carpets. I was so impressed and having the Vacuum to test out we took full advantage and dry cleaned every carpet in our home. The house felt so clean and fresh and dust free for the first time. We used the extender and dusting head to vacuum all the dust from ceilings and walls and it just feels so clean in my home.

I was really excited to see how the Kobold VK 200 can be used to sanitise mattresses, sofa’s and cushions. I don’t have a lot of strength due to my health conditions but John absolutely cleaned and removed the dust from all three bed mattresses as well as our sofa and cushions.

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

I haven’t ever felt excited about a cleaning product or Vacuum before but the Kobold VK 20 did excite me because of how good a job it does. I am really impressed. I didn’t have a clue how I would find this Vacuum before the review but I loved it and John and I have discussed purchasing our very own Kobold in the future. It’s something we would love to get and in my opinion is a great investment for the home as this product often lasts up to 25 years, however with my current health and medical costs it’s not something we can afford this month.

Vorwerk Kolbold VK 200

I do think it is the best Vacuum I have ever used and trust me, I used to clean the Auckland Philharmonica offices in New Zealand and have used a few different Vacuums in my time. This genuinely is the best one I’ve seen on the market or used. I hope you enjoy our video and are as impressed as me.

My recommendation is to book in a demonstration to learn and see for yourself how great this Vacuum cleaner is because seeing is believing and I believe in this product 100%.

Angela x

  • In collaboration with Vorwerk


  1. Hi, I love this post. This vacuum sounds amazing. I don’t know if they have them in the US or if I’d be able to get a demo of it. But maybe in the future, my family could buy one for our house. I would enjoy the mop head and other features that a normal vacuum doesn’t have.

  2. I would feel so strange letting a salesman in my home haha. Here the only salesmen that usually come to your home are for scams and pyramid schemes! But this vacuum looks fantastic. I actually just broke mine last week and need to find a new one.

  3. This vacuum cleaner looks a perfect solution to keep our home dust free. Also it is easy to disassemble and having a long life. For me Quality comes first when investing in electrical devices. And this looks like a good quality one.

  4. So this can work on hardwood? I normally swiffer, but when feeling lazy, I’d love a vacuum that can go from carpet to hardwood.

  5. Sounds like a brilliant vacuum that can keep your house super clean. I have back problems though and I can’t vacuum so I opted for a rumba to clean my house.

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