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My Visit to London to learn about Kids Fashion

Last week I went to London for the first time since June. I travelled by train and attended the Morrisons NutmegSS17 event which I really enjoyed.


I wrote about my experience viewing the Nutmeg collection and you can read about it in my blog post Attending Morrisons NutMeg SS17 Event. I met some lovely bloggers including my friend blogging friend Zena from Zena’s Suitcase.

inspiration Edit

I have chronic illness and travelling for me was not an easy task. It was my first time on a train in over 4 years but I managed okay. I was dropped off at the train station and rested on the train until I got to London. I then had a one minute walk from the station to the Nutmeg event and by resting up for a few days before, I was able to make the walk.


After Nutmeg I went straight to my hotel room and rested. This was great. I was able to go to sleep and when I woke up I had the energy again and visited the Tesco store to buy a chicken salad. It was quite late at this point and I saw some fantastic pumpkins on display.


I was really impressed with the Pumpkins and had to take some photos to share on the blog.


I then went back to the hotel and did some blog work and had an early night. Had I been more “normal” or more healthy I would have jumped on the underground and taken myself to a Theatre. I really want to see Les Miserables. This is on my bucket list but my body is not strong enough for galavanting around London so I stayed in my room and had an early night.

pug shop display

The next morning I walked to the station, just two minutes and stopped outside this really cool window display. I loved the items and had to take some more photos.

pug shop display

I then hopped on the train back home and my husband and daughter picked me up. It took about two days of resting for the pain from walking to go away and for my exhaustion levels to go back to my “normal tiredness” but it was worth it as I loved going away and learning more about kids fashion. I was home just in time to help my daughter get ready for her Halloween disco and glad I was. She was excited to see me.

devil costume

Do you like Sylvia’s costume?

Angela x