A Visit From The Clutter Fairy To Organise My Home

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A Visit From The Clutter Fairy To Organise My Home

This week I had my first visit from The Clutter Fairy to help start the process of decluttering my home. The Clutter Fairy is a UK business and professional service that helps you to declutter your home, reorganise your belongings and turn chaos into calm.

A Decluttering Service  was something I really needed!

Having a chronic illness, and living with Adrenal Insufficiency can often leave me feeling physically exhausted and tired and a few weeks ago I began feeling stressed out at the level of chaos in the rooms.

My husband and I work hard to keep on top of the housework and maintain the home but with the extra illness I have been suffering from all winter I decided I needed to find some help.

So I hopped onto google and started searching for a professional service to give me a hand with the organising of my home and I’m so glad I did.

The Clutter Fairy Service

I read all about the services available on the Clutter Fairy website and sent an email. The following day I had a telephone call to discuss my needs and made an appointment for a 5 hour decluttering session.

The Clutter Fairy can visit your home to assess your requirements and discuss and action plan, however I was keen to get started on the decluttering and had a half hour discussion before we got to work on the day of my appointment.

The great thing about The Clutter Fairy is that I was able to sit on the bed and make decisions as someone else did the physical lifting and work. This is brilliant for anyone with chronic illness, or someone who simply needs some help to tackle what can often seem like a nightmare.

I did help out where I could and we were able to declutter and organise at a good pace and really get to work on decluttering the spare room.

Our spare room had become a bit of a dumping zone and so I was keen to have this room decluttered and organised. The Clutter Fairy went through each and every box, draw and area in the room and I made the decisions of whether to keep or remove items from my home.

We created a box of items for my sister, (mainly Sylvia’s clothes which are too small) and we also created a box of items that I hope to sell on Facebook. Many items were removed from the room and placed in the correct locations in the home, other items were bagged up for charity shops and there was plenty of rubbish and recycling as well.

Decluttering Success

With the 5 hour decluttering session that I had, we were able to completely sort and clear a whole room. Bearing in mind the room was full of junk, I think we did pretty amazing. It wasn’t always easy to decide what to do with each item and was quite a mind boggling experience to sit and make decisions but I was really happy with the end result.

I made huge progress in downsizing Sylvia’s belongings, sorting old clothes, unwanted toys and items which simply made no sense to keep. Her room is now maintainable and I am really pleased with this.

Once the spare room was completed, we had one and a half hours to work on my bedroom. We sorted through all my clothes in the wardrobe and drawers and I was able to organise the items I want to keep, send a load of items to the charity store and seriously declutter my own room.

The time flew past and I was really pleased with the progress I made with the help of The Clutter Fairy. I would love to move home in the long term future and removing the junk from the home one room at a time is going to really help prepare for the future. It also just helps create a feeling of calm and peace knowing that everything is organised.

John took all the recycling and rubbish to the dump and the Clutter Fairy took all the charity bags to a charity store. It felt so good.

What Next

The Clutter Fairy will be returning to my home in three weeks for our second session. In the meantime I will be working a little more on my own bedroom and have some bags to collect further items that I plan to remove and send to charity.

I could have ended up with about 8 bags of items to sell at a Car Boot sale or on Facebook, but the reality is I don’t have the physical stamina, energy or time and I really just wanted the items all gone so I didn’t have to see them anymore.

During our next decluttering session, I hope to work through the lounge and bookshelves. I really am looking forward to having a more peaceful, organised home and it is such a nice feeling to be less cluttered.

Have you ever considered hiring a clutter fairy or organisation service? I’m sure glad I did and would totally recommend the service I used. It was fantastic and I look forward to more decluttering.


*This is a service I paid for an chose to write about- No payment was made to write this post*


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