Popular Vertical Mirror Radiators for the Home (2023)

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Designer vertical radiators are becoming more popular for homeowners up and down the nation due to their exceptional heating capacity, refined efficiency, durable designs, and unique features that ensure they are a welcome addition to any home.

Not only do they boast magnificent BTU ratings, but they also offer an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to say no to – all for cost-effective, affordable prices.

There are a variety of designer vertical radiators for all sorts of spaces, and today we’ll be covering some of the most popular vertical designer radiators to hit the market in 2023.

What Is a Vertical Radiator?

A vertical radiator is, in simple terms, a radiator with a vertical height larger than its horizontal length. A radiator’s height and length can vary from slight to huge, but all radiators with a greater height than length are classified as vertical radiators.

What Is a Mirrored Radiator?

A mirrored radiator, otherwise known as a radiator with a mirror, is a specialised type of radiator unit with a mirror built into its design. This allows for the radiator to not only heat a room but provide a mirror for use also.

Are Mirrored Radiators Safe to Use?

Yes. All mirrored radiators that make it to the market have been stress tested very vigorously to ensure that they are safe for use in a domestic environment for extended periods, and they are just as safe as traditional plumbed radiators.

What Are Some Good Vertical Mirror Radiators to Consider?

There are many brands to choose from and companies to shop with. Some great radiators to consider are:

Dq Cove Mirror Vertical Radiator in White

For those who have warm colours and light, neutral shades for their home, the white variant of the DQ Cove vertical mirror radiator is sure to be a brilliant addition to a living space. This style of radiator blends in seamlessly with modern and contemporary aesthetics to be a noticeable feature that doesn’t steal the limelight too much – but also provides great heat output.

This kind of mirror fits anywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom; both prime spots (if you have the vertical ceiling height) for this type of radiator. Gone are the days of shivering in front of the mirror when you’re getting ready in the morning or after you’ve just stepped free of the bath.

This radiator also works well as a statement piece in places such as stairwells or in living rooms with large ceilings.

The 1800mm x 382mm DC Cove design features:

  • BTU rating of 1688
  • A wattage rating of 496W
  • A minimum guarantee of 5 years
  • Gloss (RAL 9016) finish in white
  • A robust mild steel radiator chassis
  • UKCA, CE & EN442 certifications for safety and manufacturing standards
  • 105mm projection from the wall
  • 462mm pipe centres
  • 65 mm pipe centre projection from the wall
  • Four sections for optimal heat dispersal
  • Reasonable weight of only 21kg
  • Side entry valves for ease of bleeding/maintenance

Price Range: £220 – £270.

This mirror is also available in a black finish for those who prefer darker shades for their home theme. In terms of other sizing options, the radiator can come available in:

  • 1800mm x 382mm
  • 1800mm x 500mm

From all reputable UK-wide retailers.

Reina Reflect Vertical Mirror Radiator in White

DQ Cove isn’t the only reputable radiator manufacturer producing exceptional, high-quality mirrored vertical radiators. 

The Reflect range from Reina is the manufacturer’s answer to the market demand for these stylish radiator units.

With a similar aesthetic appeal to DQ Cove’s mirrored vertical radiators, it often falls to specifications and personal aesthetic preference when choosing between the two. These two brands aren’t the only brands available for mirrored radiators but tend to be the go-to for most tradespeople and home renovators for their proven quality of materials and chassis build.

Much like the DQ Cove unit, this radiator is ideal in more modern settings in rooms with a lot of vertical wall space due to high ceilings.

The 1800mm x 445mm Reina Reflect radiator boasts the following:

  • A BTU rating of 2960
  • A wattage rating of 868W
  • A 5-year guarantee
  • Side valve entry ports for ease of maintenance
  • Eight sections to disperse heat in an effective and efficient way
  • Mild steel is the material of choice for the chassis
  • 60mm pipe centre clearance from the wall
  • 445mm pipe centres
  • 90mm projection from the wall
  • White Matt (RAL 9016) finish

Price Range: £260 – £405.

This radiator is also available in black as well as in the following sizes:

  • 1800mm x 445mm
  • 1800mm x 449mm

From a host of UK-based radiator specialists.

In Conclusion

A vertical mirrored radiator may not be for everyone, but they stand as a unique type of radiator that can add aesthetic appeal to any home.

Will you opt to choose a mirrored vertical radiator?

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