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Vango Starwalker Children’s Sleeping Bag Review

Vango Starlight Sleeping bag

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Vango Starwalker Children’s Sleeping Bag Review

Last year our family planned to go Camping. We booked a holiday to a local farm, bought a brand new tent, cooking equipment and some Vango Sleeping bags for me and John. We were really hoping to have a fantastic summer but the reality was I was still unwell and we were not going to be able to go camping. In fact we have not been on a real family holiday since I took Sylvia to Disney Land before our wedding back in Feb 2013.

We did go to London for 2 days last year and visited Buckingham Palace as bloggers but I was so ill and John and Sylvia ended up visiting a few places whilst I rested at the hotel. Despite our best efforts, my health really took a turn for the worst from August until now and our plans of camping have not yet been realised.

Well, the good news is, that my Mother and Father are coming to the UK for a while to visit us and my elderly grandparents.  I am sure this will provide Sylvia with an opportunity to visit grandma and grandpa and in the Summer holidays and go on a fantastic holiday, be it to a caravan, camping or elsewhere. In fact in the school holidays in less than two weeks from now, Sylvia is going to Yorkshire to spend a week with her grandparents and she is very excited.

Last week Sylvia received a wonderful new Sleeping bag from Vango. It is the recently released Vango Starwalker Panda Kids Sleeping bag and it is so so cute. She is going to take her new sleeping bag to grandma and grandpas’s house and is super excited about this.



The sleeping bag comes in a lovely shoulder strap bag and it is so so cute. The sleeping bag is snug, warm and well insulated. It can be used in two seasons and when Sylvia tested it out on her bed it gave her a comfy nights sleep.

PicMonkey Collage1

I like the panda design and cute look of the sleeping bag, but even more so, I love that the sleeping bag is  practical and the perfect size with plenty of room for growth. The head of the sleeping bag is cute and there are even zip pockets to pull out your arms when needed.

This sleeping bag has a lot of insulation, inside pockets and is mummy shape which always appeals to me.


We had some fun taking photos of Sylvia in her new Vango Star walker Sleeping bag and she is really looking forward to using this sleeping bag in the coming months especially on her first holiday in a long time.



  1. That is so cute! My toddler loves Panda at the moment. He is too little for this but as we love campaign too I will check this out. Thanks for sharing

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