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Valentines Ideas For A Sweet Husband

I first got married at a really young age. Although I believed I was in love at the time I now realise that the relationship was quite co-dependent and based upon our needs. I needed approval and acceptance, my self esteem was low at the time and he needed someone to meet his needs and be controlled.

When I did as I was expected I was showered with love and approval. When I fought it, tried to be independent, do my own thing or be in a healthy relationship I suffered emotional, verbal and psychological abuse.

Fast forward 15 years, I am now married to a loving and kind man who has not once called me a nasty name. My husband and I disagree on things but during our dating period and the four and a half years of marriage we have never had a real fight and he has never, physically, emotionally or verbally abused me. I have had no beatings, bruises or intimidation and my life is happier than ever.

I really am married to a sweet man and now when Valentines comes around I feel special and love to celebrate the day with my husband John. This year John is getting a new watch. I have been asked to review a Men’s watch on The Inspiration Edit and it is due to arrive just in time to gift to my husband for Valentines Day. Perfect timing!

I do think Valentines is a fun day and a great day to celebrate those we love. It’s not just for husband’s and wives, or partners. Valentines can be a day for kids too. In fact I have shared some fantastic Valentines craft ideas here on the blog in the past week and I will be getting crafty with Sylvia and painting some love heart rock stones. She is excited.

We will also be making home made Valentines cards this year which is great and a budget friendly way to celebrate this special valentines day.

So here are some craft ideas. I do hope you like them.

Angela x

Valentines Monster Treat Bags

valentines treat bags

Valentines Planter Pot Craft 

valentines heart planter

Valentines Hot Air Balloon Card

valentines card heart air balloon

Valentines Easy Sew Bunny

DIY Felt Bunny

Valentines Love Bugs 


Valentines Tic Tac Toe