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Upgrade Plans For My Home – A Collaborative Post

One thing I’ve always loved since I was a child was planning, decorating, furnishing and upgrading my room. I don’t know where this passion came from but it’s something I love to do and is an ongoing project in our house.

Whilst saving to visit family overseas any plans I had or would have liked to make for the house went on hold and rightly so.

You have to focus on one goal at a time and now we’ve smashed our travel goal we can return to making some small upgrades in the home over the coming months and year.

So here are the things I’d like to do as and when I get the chance.

Lounge Upgrades.

We have a lovely lounge, and I’m quite happy with our beautiful Sofa and the furnishings. I like a simple and plain room.

The one thing I’d love to do in future is have the flooring in the lounge replaced and improve the tv fixture by either having it fixed against the wall or getting a tv stand.

We currently have carpets but Ideally I’d love to place solid wood flooring throughout the downstairs or even use engineered oak floors. I think that would look so nice. I once had wooden floors whilst living in New Zealand and they really did look beautiful. 

Eventually I’d also love to have the walls painted as they are so grubby and are a typical “council house marigold yellow” which is throughout the home. I’d love to change the colour of the walls!

Hall, Dining and Landing.

I’d like to replace the floor in these areas of our home. Given how unwell I get and that my immune system is poor, I again think wooden flooring would be healthier than carpet and easier for keeping germ free. It would be good to get matching flooring throughout if possible. 

The dream is a lovely wooden look in lounge, hall and dining area. 


I would also like to replace the carpet on the stairs. We recently got a second banister for the stairs to help me with climbing it. I’d prefer wood again on the stairs if possible rather than carpet. I think it really would look great. 


I’m happy with the kitchen and all our appliances, however it would be lovely to one day replace the tiles and make the kitchen a little more personalised. That’s non urgent but something I’d like to do. I’d maybe get a patterned flooring that is on trend.

My Bedroom

Our bedrooms are good enough. However the one thing we do need desperately is a new bed. The base broke so many times and is very uncomfortable and the mattress has become lumpy so that’s something I will look into replacing when I can. I’ve pitched for a mattress and we are looking at getting a new base before Christmas. 

It would also be nice to repaint my bedroom walls and again switch to wooden flooring to help my poor immune system. 

Sylvia’s Room

Sylvia has an old mirror wardrobe which is beautiful but quite wobbly and cracked and so I’d like to send it to the the dump in future and replace this with a safer option. That would also allow space for a desk as she is entering her teenage years.


There is so much that could be done in the bathroom to make it easier for me to shower with my health conditions and I have ideas but this is a long term project.

We’ve had the same towels since we married in 2013 and I’d love to upgrade to a fresh set of family towels at some point.

So these are the things I’d like to work on slowly but surely over the next year or so. It’s good to make a list and write it down and we can slowly chip away at these projects over the coming year.