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Upcoming French Inspired Interior Trends

French Inspired Interior Trends

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Upcoming French Inspired Interior Trends

This year one of the upcoming trends for home decor is the French Inspired Chateau Interior designs. It’s not something I’ve mentioned before but part of my cultural heritage includes France. My great great great grandfather Eugene Wood was born in 1835 in Baccarat, Meuthe et Moselle, France.

French Inspired Interior Trends


Eugene came to live in the UK, in Yorkshire as a young man and eventually became the mayor of Barnsley. I was recently sent a copy of a photo of Eugene in his Mayoral robes at the Barnsley Town Hall. It was exciting to see a new photo of my ancestor that I have not seen before.

Eugene Wood Mayor of Barnsley

With my French heritage in mind, I thought it would be fun to share some new up and coming French Interior trends. Today I have chosen 6 items to share which could transform your room into a French Chateau Style Dream. I hope you like my top picks.

Louis Rattan French White Bed

This graceful Louis Rattan French White bed features handwoven, tea-stained cane encased by a hand-carved solid mahogany frame with rose motifs, a curved foot board and gentle sweeping legs. Updating a traditional French style, this bed is a perfect fusion of ‘The Old’ and ‘The New’ in French Beds.

The Louis Rattan bed is loving hand carved from Mahogany before being painted in Newtons gently aged and distressed French White and is based on an original Capitone bed with it’s graceful curved foot board. To create the airy cane pattern, artisans meticulously weave sustainable rattan by hand.

Louis Rattan French White Bed

The Chateau Parisienne Cream Padded Chair

This smart dining or bedroom chair from the Newton Chateau Collection has an intricately hand-carved mahogany frame that is lovingly finished in our Parisienne Cream, a gently elegant colour applied by hand before being rubbed back to reveal the warmth of the mahogany and then lightly glazed to highlight the carved detailing.

This is a gorgeous chair and one perched next to an elegant French dressing table. I love the creams and tones and think this would enhance a Chateau style room.

The Chateau Parisienne Cream Scroll End Stool

The Chateau Parisienne Cream Scroll End stool is just gorgeous and can have multiple uses from sitting at the end of your bed or as a window seat. This again is hand carved and delicately distressed in French White. This is a lovely item to add to any French inspired room.

Chateau Cream Stool

The Chateau Parisienne White Armchair

The Chateau Armchair is handmade from Mahogany and delicately carved and is again painted with French White Paint and finished with an antique glaze. I love this chair and could imagine sitting and reading in the corner of the room.

french Chateau Armchair


The Rococo French White Blanket Box

My family have a tradition of having a blanket box. I know that my grandparents had one which previously belonged to Florence Juliette Wood, the daughter of Eugene Wood. So when I saw the Rococo French white blanket box I had to include this in the post.

Rococo French White Blanket Box

Ida I-Bride Tray

Last but not least we have the Ida I-Bride Tray. This is stylish tray which can be used for serving drinks but more ideally as wall art. I just love this tray and the colours would blend well with a french inspired room.



Angela x


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French Inspired Interior Trends


  1. I love the blanket box. We have one in our sons room but it’s nowhere near as nice as that one. I’d love it for my own bedroom!

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