Today we are sharing Sylvia’s new Unicorn Pyjamas which we purchased from Asda. We do love Unicorns and Sylvia has had yet another growth spurt so we visited our local Asda store to find some warm Pj’s for the winter months. Sylvia instantly fell in love with this pink and white Unicorn Pyjamas Onsie.

unicorn Pyjamas

The Pyjamas cost £13 and they are really super soft, warm and fluffy. They kept Sylvia warm during the night and she did not want to take them off when she woke up in the morning. I like them so much I wish that they had some in my size.

unicorn Pyjamas

So what do we love about these new pyjamas? Well Sylvia loves how warm and cosy they are. She loves the unicorn horn and ears and the green hair on the hood.

unicorn Pyjamas

I am really pleased with the quality of these pyjamas and they washed really well coming out soft and fluffy after being dried.

unicorn Pyjamas

What kind of Pyjamas did you have as a child. My favourite ones were Winnie the Pooh.


unicorn Pyjamas



  1. These PJs are so cute! My favorites as a child were Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I remember crying when they would not fit anymore!

  2. These are the cutest pajamas. My daughter actually has a pair like this but from an American store. She loves them. She’s always been big on unicorns.

  3. These Unicorn pajamas are adorable. I want a pair that will fit me. They would be a great Christmas gift for a friend of mine that is obsessed with Unicorns.

  4. This is perfect for pajama parties and slumber parties. Love the color! My niece will definitely love it.

  5. It’s so cute. My little sister love Pinkie Pie from My little Pony. I think I would buy this Unicorn Pyjamas for her. Thanks for your post.

  6. I don’t know that we had a favorite one as far as pajamas. I didn’t. What my daughter and I do as far as PJs is we like to purchase a new pair every Christmas. Haven’t seen anything as cute as that though.

  7. I loved The Lion King growing up so I suppose my would have been Simba or Nala. I love the unicorn though. Very cute.

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