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One thing I’ve always fancied doing is twinning with Sylvia. The reality is whenever I’ve looked into it, most adult clothing has been for smaller sized women.

In fact I was once approached by a company asking me to model matching clothing with Sylvia, however when I looked on the site, the largest size they went up to was a size 14. 

Twinning With My Tween

I kind of gave up on the idea of getting matching clothing until our recent trip to Primark on the weekend. As Sylvia now fits women’s size extra small and I fit the extra large, we managed to get a few t-shirts that were identical.

The tops were only £1.80 each which is a good price and I let Sylvia pick out the tops for us. Sylvia picked a pair of green tops and this pair of stripy tops. 

Twinning On A Budget

Sylvia also got the above skirt for only £1 on sale at Tesco. I was so pleased. In total her outfit is £2.80 which is a great bargain. I love to buy clothing on sale and this was a great deal!

It’s especially good as Sylvia has been having growth spurts and any clothes I can find on sale are much needed. 

It was super fun wearing matching tops for the first time and Sylvia really enjoyed it. We are planning to wear our stripy tops next time we go out as a family. 

I’ve been unwell so I don’t go out too much but I’m hoping to go out for a family meal in March and we will be twinning for sure.

 I’m hoping to go to the movies with John and Sylvia as we have some vouchers so maybe we can go to the movies and eat out next month if I feel improved.

That would be lovely. 

John took these lovely photos of us and I really do like them. What do you think?

Angela x