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Trolls Series 8 Collectables For Kids

The Trolls series 8 collectables are now out in shops and this week Sylvia was sent two packs to open from Hasbro. Trolls are super cute. In fact I remember enjoying the Trolls movie with my daughter last year and she got the Hug Time Poppy Troll.

I’m not sure what it is about blind bags but they are always exciting. I think it’s the mystery of not knowing which character is in the pack.

The Trolls series 8 characters are pretty small and so they are recommended for children aged 4 and over.

Sylvia opened her trolls packs and had one troll with pink hair and another with blue and yellow. There is a little leaflet that comes with each pack telling you the name of each troll you can collect and that always makes it a little more fun finding out who you have.

Sylvia’s Trolls have been added to her collection of little characters and they now have a home in a toy house. You can purchase these blind bags from local toy stores. It’s a fun activity to open a blind bag and even more fun to play with the cute trolls afterwards.