Trolley Bags A Great Solution When Shopping

Trolley Bags

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Last week we were sent some fantastic Trolley Bags to use during our grocery shop. I’ve seen these bags advertised on social media and was really excited to have the opportunity to test them out for myself, especially since the Supermarkets started charging for plastic bags.

My husband and I used to save the plastic bags we got and use them for rubbish and waste collection, however since the charge came into place, we have been reusing bigger bulkier bags which always end up in the hallway looking a mess.

The first thing I love about the Trolley bags is that they fold into an easy to fasten roll and can hang on the end of the trolley and at home.

Trolley Bags

Trolley bags are really useful and come as a set of four bags. They have a range of colours and are designed to fit into a deep or shallow trolley. I chose the bright coloured bags and when I was well enough we visited the local Supermarket to do our grocery shop with the bags.

Trolley Bags

There seems to be two ways to use the Trolley Bags. Scan and pack or packing once you have loaded your items at the checkout. I guess it depends on which Supermarket you visit.

We tested the bags at the start to make sure they fit well into the trolley, then we folded them back up using until our shopping had been scanned through the checkout.

Trolley Bags

It was really great being able to sort the main foods into four sections. We packed the bulky items and bread in the large bag and smaller heavier items in the front bag. It was really easy to use and actually saved time.

Trolley Bags

I don’t always go shopping myself due to illness and John is the main grocery buyer in our home. So I was eager to see what my husband thought. John was super excited. He sometimes does the family shop at Aldi and is really pleased that he will be able to load the shopping straight into bags rather than going over to a bagging area to repack.


Trolley Bags

John was able to quickly place all four bags into the boot and was really quite excited. It was much faster bringing the bags in from the car too and these bags are going to make his life so much easier. I don’t often recommend items but this is one thing I think could come in handy for many people.

The material on the bags is strong and sturdy and washable so I’m hoping the bags will last a long time and am really pleased to have a set of these bags in our home.



  1. These trolly bags are such a great idea! I’ve seen a couple of people use them lately, I need to get me some. They would make my life easier. 🙂 xx

  2. Oh wow how awesome is this, I just saw the ad about these bags yesterday’ on the telly. Glad to know they are actually sturdy and washable. Great review

    1. I know, very very clever. I invented something as a child, (came up with an idea) and now it is something people use today… wish i’d done something back then! lol Angela

    1. Oh yes. I think they are good if your a supermarket person. I know some people do ONLINE but its one thing i like to do if and when i can get out the house. I like to find bargains.

    1. Oh yes! Double packing kind of sucks. I cant make it around Aldi physically and double packing just makes the job twice as long for my hubby so these are going to be a life saver.

  3. I like this idear it will stop a lot of arguments at the till as to witch item goes into witch bag. We’re can I get them from please

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