Don’t Like Fish? Apply These 10 Tricks That Will Make You Love Eating Fish

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Fish is, without a doubt, a highly nutritious food that offers numerous health benefits. It includes being a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. However, it’s surprising that many people don’t find it good for their tastebuds. 

Are you one of those who avoid fish in their daily meals or treats due to their texture and taste? If so, then know that with a few simple tricks and adjustments to your cooking and eating habits, you can change this attitude toward fish. 

Let’s explore ten effective strategies to help you overcome your dislike for fish and develop a newfound appreciation for this incredible culinary delight.

Tricks That Will Make You Love Eating Fish

Go For Milder Varieties of Fish

If the fish taste doesn’t agree with you, opt for milder fish varieties. White fish, such as cod, flounder, catfish, tilapia, haddock, etc., have a mild flavor and delicate texture, making them a great entry point for fish novices. 

These varieties are versatile and can be prepared in various ways, such as grilling, baking, or pan-frying. By starting with milder fish, you can gradually adjust your taste buds to the seafood flavor without being overwhelmed.

Try Sampling Different Fish Cuisines

As you know, fish is a typical food in many cuisines worldwide. However, each culture prepares fish or seafood with unique methods and recipes, often sparking the fresh vs frozen seafood debate on which is better for capturing authentic flavors.

Hence, try exploring cuisines, such as Japanese sushi, Aussie fish barbecue, Indian curries or mustard fish, or Mediterranean grilled fish. You may also try various fish jerkies like salmon jerky, tuna jerky, trout jerky, etc.

This can introduce you to various new flavors and cooking techniques that captivate your tastebuds.

Opt For Fresh Fish

The freshness of fish can significantly impact the taste of fish. Opting for fresh fish ensures you experience its authentic flavor. Learning how to freeze seafood properly can be invaluable if you have an abundance and need to preserve it. This way, you might look at fish items or seafood differently, knowing you can maintain their quality over time.

When purchasing fish, carefully look for certain features. Those features include clear eyes, bright red gills, and shiny skin. Furthermore, the flesh of the fish should be firm, not mushy, and it emanates a fresh, oceanic smell. 

Besides pinpointing these features, consider buying from the local fish market rather than online shops. Purchasing fish from local fish markets can increase your chances of getting the freshest supply available.

Experiment With Different Cooking Methods

One of the reasons you might dislike fish is the way it’s cooked. Fish can be cooked in various ways, resulting in a distinct taste and texture. If it happened in the past that you didn’t find any fish-based dish tasteful, it might’ve been due to their preparation. But don’t lose hope. 

You can improve your taste for fish by experimenting with grilling, baking, broiling, etc. You can further try poaching fish to discover a new preparation style. Go ahead applying different seasonings and marinades to add an extra layer of taste.

You might even love caviar (fish eggs) if you know how to serve caviar the right way through careful methods and recipes.  

Incorporate Fish in Familiar Dishes 

If you’re reluctant to dive straight into fish-based meals, consider mixing fish into dishes you already love. For instance, blend flakes of cooked salmon into pasta dishes or go for salads that are mixed with grilled shrimp. 

By blending fish with familiar flavors and textures, you can gradually ease yourself into appreciating the taste and reap the health benefits without feeling overwhelmed by an entirely new culinary experience.

Mask the Fishy Flavor with Citrus 

Some fish have a strong fishy taste that may often put you off. Fortunately, there’s a way to make this thing right for your tastebuds. For this, you may try drizzling lime or lemon juice over the fish recipe so it neutralizes the strong fishy flavor. 

Moreover, try some citrus-based sauce to reduce the fishy taste. Adding citrus juice or sauce to fish recipes might sound weird, but trust us, it can make a real difference in your idea about the dish forever. 

Pair Fish With Complementary Ingredients

You may try other complementary ingredients besides citrus juice or sauce to enhance your taste for fish items. Go for fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, dill, etc., to add a pleasant fragrance and balance the taste of fish. 

Furthermore, consider blending ginger, garlic, ginger, and spices like paprika or cumin to enhance the depth of the dish. Thus, you can allure the fish recipe with a nice touch of flavor to avoid aversion to the dish.

Opt for Fish Tacos and Burgers

Are you into fast foods like burgers or tacos? If yes, you can combine your relish for these foods with fish. Making fish sandwiches, fish burgers, etc., can be a great start for a non-fish-lover like you. 

If you can’t make these, avail them from the fast food joints where they bread or season fish before turning them into those comfort foods. Also, they accompany various toppings and sauces to make them incredibly flavorful and satisfying. 

In short, your love for burgers and tacos in combination with fish can only help you appreciate the taste of fish. 

Enjoy Seafood in Popular Restaurants 

Melting well-prepared fish dishes on your tongue at reputable seafood restaurants can be a game-changer. Chefs at such cafes or restaurants are adept at preparing seafood dishes with finesse. They put their best effort into ensuring the fish is perfectly cooked. And you’ll find those fish dishes bursting with flavor in your mouth. 

Check out the seafood-focused restaurants in your area, or take a tour to nearby cities to find such restaurants. Look for those known for their expertise in fish preparation. Introducing yourself to the best of what fish offers might be pleasantly surprised!

Don’t Stop at One Shot 

It’s not a one-shot experiment for new fish enthusiasts. It takes persistence, time, and patience. So, approach seafood with an open mind. Don’t shy away from exploring different flavors and textures. Take your time because no one’s forcing you to immediately fall in love with fish. 

Continue experimenting with varieties of fish cooking methods and flavors until you find what suits your tastebuds the most. Over time, your preferences for fish may evolve. 


Overall the tips we have given are how you may try increasing your liking for fish dishes. Remember, fish isn’t only a culinary delicacy and a powerhouse of good nutrition. 

To start off, make sure you start with milder varieties. Also, choose fresh fish, and experiment with different cooking methods while incorporating fish into familiar dishes. Add citrus juices and supporting ingredients to enhance the flavors. 

Furthermore, keep exploring seafood in various cuisines to increase your appetite for fish items. 

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