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Treads Girls Leather School Shoes – Review

Finding a good quality pair of school shoes for my daughter has in the past been a challenge. When Sylvia first started school I struggled to find a quality school shoes that would last the school year. The school shoes I purchased often became scuffed and had holes in them and I would find myself repeatedly buying new shoes. 

quality leather school shoes for girls in the uk

I eventually learned which shoes to buy and which ones to avoid. Today we are sharing our review of the Dakota Oxford girls leather school shoes from Treads, a pair of shoes that have a 12 month indestructible guarantee. Now that’s impressive! 

Are Treads Shoes Really Good Quality? 

That is the question I asked myself when I first heard about Treads shoes. I had found one brand which I have stuck to for a long time and I’ve really been reluctant to try another.

Thankfully I was able to read a few reviews from fellow bloggers Laura Summers From Laura’s Lovely Blog and Donna from What The Redhead said. They both reviewed boys Treads shoes and had positive experiences which made me think this brand might be worth testing out. 

I then read an article in the Independent about the 10 best pairs of school shoes for 2019 and Treads were right at the top of the list. How could I not try them out after reading this? 

treads leather school shoes review

Treads Dakota Oxford Girls Leather Shoes

My daughter just started high school back in September and she needed a good quality pair of leather school shoes. Treads recently sent us the Dakota Oxford Girls Leather shoes to review and upon first impression these school shoes look fantastic. 

The Dakota Oxford Girls Leather Shoe is a lace up shoe that is hand crafted with a padded heel collar and a cushioned foam footbed allowing plenty of room for movement and flexibility. This is something Sylvia needs as she walks almost 3 miles to school and back each day and does a lot of walking in the corridors.

quality leather school shoes for girls in the uk

12 Month Indestructible Guarantee

I like the design of these UK leather school shoes and love that they are lightweight.

I am impressed that Treads shoes come with a 12 month indestructible guarantee. This gives me confidence that these shoes are high quality and that they are going to last the whole school year.

treads leather school shoes review

Our Experience of Treads School Shoes

My daughter loves the look and style of her new Treads leather school shoes. Style is important especially to my 11 year old girl and Sylvia actually went online to choose the style of shoe she preferred. 

When trying on the shoes, my daughter commented that they were super comfortable and after using the schools for several days at school, she commented that she really liked them more than her old ones. 

treads leather school shoes review

How much Are Treads School Shoes?

The Treads Dakota Leather school shoes range from between 35 and 47 pounds depending on the size of your child’s foot.

Whilst the price of Treads tend to be almost two or three times the price one would pay in a local super market, I do think the it is well worth paying a little extra to get good quality school shoes that are guaranteed to last the school year

good quality girls uk leather school shoes

How Do I know What Shoe Size To Order If I Purchase Treads Shoes Online? 

This is the fantastic thing about the Treads shoes company!

You can print off a paper measuring tool at home to measure your child’s foot correctly. For me this was a fantastic option. I happen to have chronic illness and struggle to get out to the shop regular.

Being able to measure my daughter’s feet at home and order her school shoes online is great for any parent who struggles to get out and is perfect for a mother or father who is super busy balancing all the things parenting and life throws at us.

What’s even more fantastic is that the shoes I ordered had free delivery, meaning you don’t have to pay any extra to have the shoes delivered to your home. 

quality leather school shoes for girls in the uk

Final Thoughts On Treads Shoes

I am really impressed with these Treads shoes. This is an honest review and the reality is my daughter has only been wearing this pair of Treads for a few weeks. Our experience so far has been brilliant and we are really happy and impressed with the quality of the shoes. 

I will however update this post in 12 months to let you know how the shoes faired, if they lasted a whole guarantee period and if I’ll be purchasing more shoes from Treads in the coming year.

I’m sure the results will be positive and look forward to seeing my daughter enjoy these new Treads for the rest of the school year.

Treads Shoes Giveaway

If you too would like to test out a pair of Treads school shoes then I have news for you! Treads are offering a free pair of shoes to one of my lovely readers. All you need to do to enter the competition below.

This competition is being run by Treads and they will receive your email address and any data given in your entry.

This treads shoes giveaway begins the 12th Dec 2019 and ends midnight on the 19th December 2019. A winner will be randomly selected and contacted at the close of competition. Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

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