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As a child I was involved in an incident on the motorway. My dad was driving the car when suddenly we heard a huge bang. The car began to swerve and my dad did all in his power to keep the car under control and pull over onto the side of the road.

This was a scary experience and one I will never forget. Our car tyre had burst. The tyre had ripped to shreds and looked like an old carpet. I remember how grateful we were as a family to be safe and walking the long journey home by foot.

They say your experiences as a child impact upon you as an adult and when it comes to tyre safety and car safety both John and I are extra vigilant.

We replaced the front tyres once and a few weeks ago after John hit a pot hole in the dark, we had the tyre replaced again as it had been seriously damaged.

I know there are a lot of families planning to travel in the coming Christmas season and there are a number of checks you can do to help keep your car safe for your family travels. These include checking the following:

Tyre Tread, condition and pressure.

Make sure you have a spare tyre and repair kit.

Check the water levels.

Make sure you have enough oil.

Check screen wash levels to ensure clean vision during the journey.

Test windscreen wiper functioning

Check the windscreen condition.

Make sure all the lights are in working order.

Check the air con and hot air system.

Ensure the battery is in working order.

Check wheel alignment and balance.

Check the dash warning lights.

travel safely

By checking the above you can feel more secure in your journey and travels knowing you have prepared your car and family for their next journey. There is nothing more important than travelling safely with the little ones.

As a family we also aim to have an emergency breakdown kit for the car in case we break down or get stuck in a traffic for hours. I recall seeing long lines on the News in the Summer months as families queued for over 24 hours when travelling to France and many had no food or water.

By preparing in advance you can ensure you have all you need in emergency situations. These are the items I’d suggest packing:

A Mobile Phone

Water and Snacks

Extra Clothes

First Aid Kit and Extra Medication

A Warning triangle and high visibility jacket.

Ice Scraper and spade.

If your anything like me you might want to invest in a strong full grain leather bag which can protect your valuables and belongings when travelling in the car.

I recently spotted the leather suede Columbus Mahi Bag which is specially built for travel and would fit in the boot just perfectly.

A bag like this would be perfect for all the things you may need in an emergency situation and can also be used once you arrive at your destination.

Now I am always one who likes to be extra safe and we recently reviewed a new car seat called the Mi Fold.

This is a brilliant booster seat for older kids and a spare can easily be kept in the back in case you need to transport children in the car when you least expect it.

You just never know how handy this could be and we have a spare in our car which has come in useful on more than one occasion.

I hope these tips come in handy and you travel safe with your kids this season.