Travel Tips for Families for the End of the Year

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Whether you’re traveling with the kiddos for the very first time or this is one of many trips you’ll be taking this year, traveling with the whole family in tow is bound to be a little much for most people, even those who are experienced parents. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, it’s never too early or too late to expand your knowledge on rearing your kids all around the world. Whether you’re visiting some family in a faraway place or taking that family vacation you’ve always wanted, here are a few travel tips that might come in handy when dragging the kids alongside you — for tons of fun, of course.

  1. Keep an Itinerary

Keeping a list of to-dos is always a great idea, especially when the kids can make things a little overwhelming. This can help you stay organized!

  1. Make Your Itinerary Flexible

You’re human, and so are your kiddos, so it might be best to leave a tight, jam-packed schedule for the adult vacation the next time around. Some wiggle room is always good. 

  1. Don’t Overpack

It might be tempting to stash away everything you think you might need on your trip, but heavy bags make for cranky travelers. Neither of these are conducive to a great time.

  1. Build In Jet Lag Recovery Time

For both you and the kids, yes. Jet lag can be brutal, especially on little ones with sensitive sleeping schedules. Even if the time difference is only a few hours, build in some buffer. 

  1. Consider Somewhere Close to Home

If you’re just going on a family trip or vacation, you may want to consider going somewhere closer to home in order to make the travel process easier on you. Consider the beach or a camping trip nearby!

  1. Safety First

Make sure that no matter where you are, you’re being safe. That means seatbelts, slathering on the sunscreen, keeping food sensitivities in mind and paying attention to everyone’s boundaries.

  1. Keep Little Snacks On You

This is true throughout all of life, but especially on vacation when you have kids. When children get hungry, they get cranky, and that’s the last thing you need to worry about. Keep a few granola bars and some fruit handy. It might just save you.

  1. Do Something for Everyone

Even though it might be tempting to try and compromise on every activity, it can be a much easier option to try and do something for everyone instead. This can ease your plans a little bit and help everyone feel satisfied. 

  1. Schedule a Bit Of Quiet Time

Aside from the jet lag recovery, aside from the flexible itinerary, scheduling actual quiet time can be a great way to slow things down when traveling with kids. Hit some leisurely nature or keep a day open for brunch and beach hangs. It could be the best day of your trip!

  1. Remember to Slow Down

Speaking of slowing things down, remember that travel might take a little longer and require a bit more patience when the kiddos are involved. Let things slow down a little bit. It won’t be the end of the world.

  1. Try to Prepare the Kids for Travel

If your kids have never been on a trip before, it might be wise to tell them what’s to come. Although you don’t need to over explain, going over some of the basics before you hit the road can help them stay calm and be a bit more mentally prepared and comfortable.

  1. Stay Somewhere Childproofed

If you’re staying overnight somewhere new, try to make sure you’re going somewhere childproofed before you actually get there. You don’t want to miss any big details or have to task yourself with childproofing the whole space last minute. 

  1. Keep Everyone Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is important no matter who you are. This means you should stay strapped with water both for yourself and for the kids. 

  1. Put the Screens Away

Your kids — or you — might be used to being on the screens constantly during the day. Especially in transit, it could feel totally natural to log on and zone out. But try to disconnect from the screens a little bit while you’re away. Connecting with one another is the most important part of this experience. 

  1. Be Kind to One Another

Travel can be frustrating, but remember to be kind to each other and practice gratitude for where you are and the love that you share. It’s a treasure worth cherishing. 

Traveling With the Kids

When you have little ones, traveling can sometimes feel like a bit of a project. But whether you’re brand new to traveling with the little ones or you’re jumping back into things now, there are so many ways that you can accommodate for your needs and have an amazing experience together, wherever your adventures take you.

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