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Ravensburger 3D Vanity Box And Vase Puzzle

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Ravensburger 3D Vanity Box And Vase Puzzle

Yesterday Sylvia and I got to work building her new Ravensburger 3D Vanity Box puzzle. We were sent two puzzles, the Vanity box and a Vase puzzle which we were asked to review.

The Ravensburger Vanity Box puzzle is aimed at girls aged 9 plus. Sylvia just turned 9 and I have to be honest the puzzle was a little too difficult for my daughter to complete on her own. We found the puzzle to be incredibly tricky but we persevered and worked together on the puzzle to complete it.

I think the idea and concept of creating your own vanity box from jigsaw pieces is a great idea. I personally did not enjoy creating this puzzle. It was really difficult and Sylvia also really struggled. The thing that kept us going was knowing once it was completed we would have a finished product.

I think this is a great rainy day activity for any older child who needs something challenging to do or a child who absolutely loves jigsaws and puzzles. The puzzle took us about 2 hours to complete and is joined together by following numbers and arrows.

Now the puzzle is complete Sylvia is excited to have a vanity box and I think that is the really cool part, the product at the end of the jigsaw.

We did enjoy spending time together and working as a team, I simply feel this puzzle is too tricky for a nine year old. It would be great for an older child.

We do love the pictures on the puzzle and now the vanity box is complete Sylvia is excited to be able to use it for her hair accessories and brushes.

I think it’s a great box too and it looks lovely with the unicorns and has a lovely theme. next we will be building the Vase another 9 plus jigsaw. Wish us luck.

ravensburer 3d vase

*We were sent this product in return for an honest review. All opinions are honest and truthful.


  1. I’ve often wondered about the 3d puzzles… might have to get one once my daughter is a bit older 🙂

  2. I like the idea of this puzzle, that it becomes usable once it’s finished. Shame it wasn’t fun to put it up. Puzzles should be fun to do.

  3. I think the end result does look really worth it but I am known to be quite inpatient with difficult puzzles so probably not something I would do

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