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Add a touch of Summer to your home this year! 

With the weather as it is, it might not feel like summer is here, but technically we are now in the summer months; blink and we’ll miss it! So as a result, it can be a fun way to add style and colour to your home, as well as adding in some fresh touches to reflect the fun of the season.

It can be a great time to bring in some colour that you might not have used at other times of the year, as well as changing up the scents in your home, and other accents, features, and trinkets. So if you’re looking for a home update this summer, or just want to add a few new summery things to your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas and some inspiration to make sure that your home makes a stylish summer statement.

Gilded Finishing Touches

Summer allows you to be a bit more bold with colour, and one of those colours is gold. Gold brings a feel of freshness, and can help to add an element of luxury in the room. So look at what gold accents you could add, to bring some shine and shimmer.

Gold bowls on coffee tables, candlesticks, and light fixtures are quick ways to add some sparkle and incorporate the gilded look. You could also add in some new prints into the home too. Teamed with gold frames from somewhere like Best4Frames, and you’ll have a way to bring the gold look to the home, but in a really practical way.

On a similar note, colours like gold and white can work really well together for a really fresh and modern look (perhaps a kitchen or bathroom). Add in some wood too, such as wooden cabinets, and you have got something that will give a stunningly crisp and fresh look.

Think Pink

Pink is the colour of the season, and it can be a great way to bring summer to a home that is otherwise quite neutral. A plain white or cream kitchen can be brought into the season with pink tea towels, as well as adding other pink accessories like kettle and toaster.

You could get pink towels for the bathroom, or just simple pink accessories like cushions of the sofa. A whole room of pink would feel overwhelming, but a few things here and there for summer, can be a great way to bring some bright pink vibes into your home. And we’re not talking about baby pink either; think bright, think fuschia, and think summer.


Wicker is a great material for summer, as it is one of the things that you think of with summer. Beach bags and baskets are certainly something that brings a summer vibe, and you can add that look into the home too. It could be wicker chairs (for both indoors or outdoors), as well as hanging lights and storage baskets in the home. Whatever you choose, wicker really is summer’s favourite material.

Bring the Outside In

Fresh flowers and florals are something that never go out of style. But at the moment, the fresh flowers of the season are peonies, with sunflowers coming into season in a few more weeks. These are great ways to bring in pops of colour, as well as make the home look prettier and more feminine.

Houseplants are another way to bring the outdoors in, especially for aloe vera plants, palm tree look plants, as well as the ‘Swiss cheese’ plant, Monstera deliciosa. Succulents are also in style at the moment too, and they don’t seem to be going out of style either. Even better when they need very little by way of maintenance too.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a really fabulous additions to any home; never more so than in summer. In summer, the days are long and being able to bring in some of the light and brightness of the outdoors is fantastic, leaving a fresh and bright feeling in the home.

And if there is a mirror in each room of the home, then it can help to reflect that light even more. Mirrors can also help to create an illusion of space, which is great for small rooms in the home.

Summer Scents

Scents in the home can be really personal. But changing them up each season can be really lovely, and help to create some memories. In winter, you might choose more heavy scents like cinnamon and clove, for example. In summer, it is less of a floral scent, (that would be more reserved for spring), and more of a fresh and fruity scent.

So if you are someone that likes to have scented candles going in the home, have scented wax melts on the go, or likes to diffuse essential oils, then things like grapefruit, orange, lemon, and mango are all good ideas for summer. The mango peach salsa and passionfruit martini are personal favourite scents from the Yankee Candle Company.


If you have wooden floors, tiles, or even have carpet in the home, it is going to be costly to make changes to them. But you can add things like rugs to bring in some colour and style this summer. If you already have a rug, perhaps a thick knit rug, then could it be swapped out for a lighter material, perhaps in a brighter colour or pattern for summer? It is surprising just how much something as simple as changing a rug can change up the look of the whole room.

Deep Clean

It is great to start each season with a big deep clean of your home, but summer is a great time for one. Because you are likely to be using the oven less, and having more cold food, perhaps an oven deep clean could be the way to go? Open windows to air out the home, as well as having windows cleaned can be a good way to start off the summer months.

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