Top Ways to Keep the Kids Active During Lockdown

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No wonder, ever since the COVID 19 hit the world, it forced all of us to restrain ourselves within the 4 walls of the house. Therefore, gone are the days when we used to take kids freely to the park or have some fin outdoor.

Now that the coronavirus is here to stay, it is hard for us to expect the public places to quickly open in the coming weeks ahead. This is why parents across the globe are looking for ways through which they can keep their munchkins active at home. Because kids are restless and active all the time, it is important for their energy to flow out.

After all, giving them smartphones or tablets to play games all day long, wouldn’t be good for their mental growth. Here, in this blog, we will shed light on a few ways through which parents can keep their kids active at home:


Arts and Crafts

Every child should be encouraged to take part in arts and crafts sessions. For this to happen, you don’t necessarily need to send them to a school or an academic institution.

If you set up an arts and crafts session at home and promise them a reward, they will keep themselves occupied throughout the day. Because these sessions require concentration, children will be forced to stay motivated while taking part in such activities.

The arts and crafts session has the power to bring out the creative side of the young minds in the world. 

Indoor Games

Indoor games have always held strong importance because they contribute to the physical growth of a child. The indoor games for teens are trending on Google if you check them out on the web. The reason why indoor games have gained popularity is that they are easier to manage.

Since you won’t have to step out of the house, you can rest assured about the safety of your kids.

Through indoor games, your munchkins will also be thrilled to become a part of physical activity. Earlier when schools used to manage the sports festivals, children had to go out in the ground. Now that indoor games have been introduced, parents can monitor their kids easily. 


There’s nothing better than reading when it comes to keeping the kids occupied at home. In simple words, books are everyone’s best friends.

Although technology has exhausted the attention of millions across the globe, still the experience of reading books is unmatchable. Turn off the WIFI connection for some time and encourage your kids to read novels every day.

There is enough evidence, which proves that reading books is a great way to stay safe at home. If you set targets for your child and allow them to accomplish them in a certain time range, they will feel motivated to continue with this habit.

On the contrary, distancing the children from book reading will only be damaging in the long run. 


Now that the COVID 19 is here to stay, it is crucial that you encourage your children to engage in physical activity such as yoga to stay fit and active.

Through Yoga, your children will not only stay fit but they will easily be able to learn the different breathing techniques to declutter their minds. Yoga has always been attached with incredible mental and physical benefits.

Therefore, when young children are compelled to practice it, they will happy and excited to have learned a new technique. For best results, you can ask your children to follow an early morning yoga routine online with you. This way, you can instil positive habits in their personality. 


There’s nothing better than instilling some spectacular culinary skills in young minds. Through cooking, your kids will learn a sense of responsibility at home. After all, parents only provide for the young children and never expect back.

However, when your kids will learn to prepare their meals, they will eventually get excited and will be willing to help you in the kitchen.

Cooking is a great hobby because it allows one to work creatively and become a better version of themselves. So now is the best time to engage the kids in the kitchen. 

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