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Top Tips for Moving with Children

There are numerous reasons why moving your home will feature in the list of the “five most stressful life events”. Even if you try to sugarcoat it as an experience, it still earns the first place as a stress inducer. Everyone, including toddlers and kids, thrives on routine. Disrupting the routine and having to adapt to the new home, school and friends can be tough for your little one. All the upheaval will automatically cause your little one to act out and protest against the moving process. The trick to ensuring the entire family attains a peaceful move lies in prior preparation. Planning the move results in less stress and has your little angels looking forward to it. Below are tips that will ensure your little ones ease out for the upcoming home move.

  1.     Hire a Kid-friendly Moving Company

You will find yourself too occupied that your kids will start feeling overlooked. Between coordinating the movers, final packing and other activities, it will be impossible to engage your kids in the process. No need to worry, you should find a mover that also incorporate some special services directed to the kids. It will ensure children are comfortable during the moving day.

  1.     Involve Them

Searching for a new home, packing the house items and planning with the movers can all be daunting. It is much easier to overlook the moving needs of your kids. However, that small task may mean so much to your little angel. It leaves them feeling they are useful. You can give them simple activities like packing labelling boxes and sorting the items.

  1.     Tell Them about the Move Early

You are probably guilty of assuming the later you tell your angels about the move the lesser time they will have to worry. Like adults, kids also need time to adjust to the moving plan. Show them their new bedroom pictures or even of their new school. Alternatively, you can schedule a tour of the new house and school before moving.

  1.     Throw a Goodbye Party

Your kids will be changing school and a new neighborhood. It is undeniable that they are sad and are afraid of moving. A goodbye party will ensure they get some closure as they shift. Let your child’s friends and classmates get together. Besides, the party will help you celebrate the time spent at the house with neighbors. Alternatively, you can hold it in the new home to celebrate the new place.

  1.     Settling in

You will probably notice your kid will become a bit clingy once you get to the new house. However, try to stick to your usual routine as much as you can. That means that mealtime and bedtime occur at the usual time. Another essential tip you can use is unpacking their boxes first. When you have as many familiar items around them, it will settle faster.


The moving process can be a challenging experience for your kids. Their needs can make the process even more stressful. The above tips should make your move this time around a bit smoother.