Top Medical Essentials to Buy for Seniors in Your Family

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If you have a loved one who is aging and needs help to remember to take their medication, better manage their hearing loss, deal with incontinence issues, or prevent bedsores, these four essentials will change their life. From dosette boxes to visual alerting devices, and incontinence pads to barrier creams, there is a wonderful range of available medical products available to help keep your elderly loved ones safe, comfortable, and well-protected.

Dosette Box

A dosette box is a plastic box or tray that is split into separate compartments so that it can organize your medicines into the correct doses for different times of the day for each day of the week. Each dosette box contains a weeks’ worth of medication and is clearly marked with times and days to help you remember to take your medication correctly. Moreover, some dosette boxes also come with medication reminders and alarms to prompt you to take a dose.

These simple but super convenient boxes are perfect for family members who may struggle to remember when to take which pills or find popping the medications out of blister packs challenging for their stiff hands and limited eyesight. Dosette boxes can be prepared at the beginning of each week with the help of a carer, pharmacist, or family member, and then the medication is ready to be taken and in the correct amounts for your elderly loved one.

Visual Alerting Devices

One of the common problems elderly people have with living independently is the negative impact hearing loss can have on their social life and safety. Luckily, there are several visual alerting devices available these days to help the hearing impaired keep safe and social. For instance, with a visual alerting device that flashes whenever the phone rings or the doorbell chimes, your elderly relatives won’t miss those valuable calls and visits from loved ones. Being older can be lonely, so these visual alerting devices can make a massive difference to elderly people’s overall quality and enjoyment of life.

On top of this, you can buy visual alerting devices for fire or carbon monoxide detection. This means your elderly loved ones will be warned of danger even if they do not hear the alarm ring. As well as flashing lights, these devices can also be set to vibrate or ring loudly in lower notes so they are more likely to be picked up by someone with restricted hearing.

You can also get visual and vibrating alerts for alarm clocks, baby cry signallers, and weather alerts so your elderly relative does not have to miss a thing.

Incontinence Products

Whether it is disposable incontinence pads, absorbent briefs, or liners for your bed, there is a huge range of available incontinence products online that are designed to maximize your loved one’s comfort, dignity, and good hygiene practices. You can shop for over 1,400 incontinence supplies online and find the perfect products for your specific situation. There does not need to be embarrassment or discomfort in incontinence when you are well cared for by a trusted incontinence product supplier and a good support circle of family and loved ones.

With a waterproof chair pad and good quality wet wipes you can also arm yourself and your elderly loved one against potential embarrassment or discomfort when an accident occurs outside of the bedroom. This is a natural and normal part of the aging process and these products are designed to make this stage of life as comfortable and manageable as possible. If would also be good to get a shower chair with arms and backrest to make the showering process easier.

Barrier Cream

Finally, a good barrier cream can protect your loved ones against painful bedsores. As you age, your skin gets more sensitive and thinner. If you sit for too long during the day or lie down in the same position all night, your skin can develop sores. Especially in areas of thinner skin, like the heels, elbows, and bottom these sores can occur. A barrier cream creates a protective layer over the skin to minimize this risk.

Age in Style With These Top Essentials

This short but useful list of just some great medical products available for purchase online details four essentials for your aging relatives. First, we have the dosette box. A very low-tech but highly-useful tool to help your parent or grandparent keep track of their medications. Second, visual alerting devices that use flashing lights and vibrations to warn your hearing-impaired relative of a phone call, visitor, fire, carbon monoxide, and other alarms going off. The third practical purchase is the incontinence pad, which will protect your elderly loved one from the hygiene and social issues that are associated with incontinence problems. And last but not least is barrier cream which is a wonderful tool in preventing bedsores on thin and sensitive skin.

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