Top Five Dates to Go On in Bolton

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When you think of the most romantic places in the world, you might say Venice, Paris, Barcelona or New York. Bolton might not be on the tip of your tongue. But, with the University of Bolton accommodation for students located near the centre of town, we know there are plenty of hot-blooded young things looking for love.

Romance can blossom in the unlikeliest places, so there is no reason you can’t find the perfect place to go on a date in and around the Bolton area!

Here are our top five date ideas, catering to all tastes, and all types of love bird.

The Bolton Aquarium

The Bolton Aquarium opened in 1941, the Bolton Aquarium hasn’t changed much in terms of layout and outward appearance.

In terms of what is on offer inside the tank, things have vastly improved! Back in the 1940s, all that was available were trout, pike and other local fish.

These days what is on show is far more exotic. Impress your date with your spirit of adventure as you marvel at an impressive collection of exotic creatures from the waters of Brazil, Madagascar, Vietnam and Borneo. Perfect for nature lovers!

The Bolton Octagon

The Bolton Octagon for all you culture vultures out there, the Bolton Octagon might be the place to go!

The theatre has recently come under the stewardship of exciting young director Elizabeth Newman. She has plans to shake the venue up, and produce some radical new work to complement the auditorium’s unique layout.

Impress your date with the fun fact that the theatre is actually hexagonal, and only adopted its name because, at the time of construction, the Hexagon Theatre was already in existence in Reading.

The theatre is the perfect date for you if you’re shy.

You don’t have to hold extended conversations whilst you’re watching the show, and the play will always give you something to talk about afterwards – and it’s also a bit classier than taking someone to the cinema!

Jumbles Country Park

Jumbles Country Park is about 20 minutes outside of the centre of Bolton by car, and can be reached very easily using the number 273 bus.

If your date is a fan of the great outdoors, it will be worth it.

You can impress them with knowledge of local flora and fauna, and exclaim loudly about how wonderful it is to get out in the fresh air, and away from the hustle and bustle of the centre.

There are plenty of places to buy ice cream on sunny days, and lots of cosy cafes to duck into if it starts to rain – how romantic!

Bolton Market

It seems these days that everyone is an expert on cookery and cuisine. If you’ve bagged yourself a foodie then why not take them for a stroll through Bolton Market?

You can get everything from fresh oysters and shark meat to fruit and vegetables from far flung locations.

Bolton has a thriving South Asian community and so a cosmopolitan vibe is very evident here!

Impress your date with your knowledge of international flavours, or allow them to take you under their wing and show you what’s what. Maybe you could even pick up some supplies before heading home to cook up a storm?

Nick’s Restaurant Bolton

Nick’s Restaurant – Speaking of food, a romantic meal for two is always a winner, especially if you’re really trying to impress someone and don’t mind splashing the cash.

With prices coming in for a main course at somewhere between £14 and £22, Nick’s isn’t extortionate, but nor will you look cheap. It offers good food and a good atmosphere, with some good company thrown in – what more could you want?

I hope you find this post super useful when you go on your date in Bolton. One place I love to visit is Hollywood Bowl in Middlebrook Bolton. You may want to read my review here.

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