Top Affordable Neighborhoods Near Charlotte NC

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Charlotte, NC is considered one of the most optimal places to live in terms of fiscal stability (#9), natural environment (#25), crime rate (#25), and economy (#14). At the same time, one of this region’s main cons is a high housing price. 

For instance, if you decide to buy a house here, you must spend at about $410,000 on average. The same is true for rent, which is up to $1,630 (per month) here. As a result, people prefer to move to other areas around Charlotte and look for more affordable options.


  • The average home price is about $266,000;
  • The price for rent is about $1,318 per month;
  • Crime rate: fairly low (about 1,328 per 100,000 people).

This location is perfect for a quiet family life due to the low crime rate (43% lower than the national average). It is the most popular destination when relocating from NYC to NC. Until the 1970s, Enochville was incorporated and even had a charter school. However, the community subsequently voted against maintaining its status. 

Therefore, it is currently CDP. Enochville’s neighborhood offers plenty of outdoor activities like Village Park or Mooresville Dragway, which features exciting drag racing events.

Ballantyne West

  • The average home price is up to $296,475; 
  • The rent will cost you about $1,034 per month;
  • Crime Rate: if considered the national average, it is 35% lower.

This suburb is located on the border with South Carolina, and unlike the previous option, it attracts people with many entertainments. Here, you can find regular fun events, visit a local book club, check dozens of markets, and more. These events unite people and residents into one big, friendly community. 

Most locals consider Ballantyne West a mini-city due to its impressive array of restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs. Also, here you will not have problems with employment. The suburb boasts a Ballantyne Corporate Park, a world-renowned campus that houses top companies such as Wells Fargo, Synchrony Financial, Cigna, and others.


  • If you decide to buy a house, it will cost you about $268,000;
  • In case of a rent, you will have to spend $2,050 monthly;
  • Crime rate: is about 28.2% lower than the national average.

Lowell is North Carolina’s most famous suburb, with a population of 3,650. Lowell is not large in size (2.7 square miles). However, this neighborhood can boast a rich history. The suburb was founded more than 144 years ago, in 1879. Initially, it became the place where the Lowell Teachers’ School began to develop. 

Being a home for many teachers, later (in the 20s), Lowell Teachers’ School became a historical museum. It is also one of Lowell’s peculiarities that attracts tourists and those who want to learn local history better. The low crime rate makes the region popular among family couples or simply those who prefer a quiet life. 

Since this suburb is located so close to Charlotte, you will have no problems getting there for work anytime. A developed transport infrastructure also facilitates this.

Barclay Downs

  • The home price is higher compared to previous options and is about $531,900;
  • An average rent will cost you $1,241 per month;
  • Crime Rate: much lower even compared to local areas (64% of Charlotte neighborhoods).

Initially, it was the property of the local governor, but later, it became one of Charlotte’s iconic areas. Even though Barcley Downs is a quiet area, you can find many modern restaurants with world-class cuisine, cafes, and clubs here. 

Regarding architectural solutions, you can choose both small houses from the middle of the last century and modern, spacious apartments. A low crime rate and excellent educational institutions (Alexander Graham High School and Selwyn Primary School) make this area popular among married couples with children. Despite some distance from the upper part of Charlotte city, there is a developed transport system that will make it easier to get anywhere. 

If you don’t know what to do on the weekend, you can attend concerts in Symphony Park or explore the ruins of Isaac Newton’s mill in addition to dozens of cafes and restaurants.


  • The home price is about $280,000;
  • Monthly rent will cost you $1,241;
  • Crime Rate: at about 39% lower compared to the national average.

Stanley is one of the most popular options for inexpensive accommodation in North Carolina. For the same reason, this city is the focus of attention of those who want to retire. Here, you will find many cozy houses at a reasonable price, from small farmhouses with beautiful views to impressive ranches. 

The suburb’s population is small (about 3,911), which is consistent with the small size of the area (about 2.7 square miles). Here, you can find a variety of children’s playgrounds and comfortable walking paths. You may also visit Harper Park, which is one of the local sights. This attraction has a splash pad, paved track, 2 baseball fields, basketball courts, and more offerings for an active pastime.

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