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Tonka Toys On Sale At Asda A Review

Did you own some Tonka Toys as a child? I sure did and today I am sharing with you some of the fantastic Tonka toys which are currently on sale at Asda Stores. These are perfect for young children aged 3 and over and something I remember my little brother playing with for hours on end as a kid.

I’m super excited to share this collection of Tonka Toys today. We have a fantastic Tonka Truck amongst other fun Tonka products which currently have a 25%  roll back at selected Asda stores and online at Asda until the 7th October.

It’s always fun to have little toys available when we have visitors and these have been a huge hit so far.

tonka diecast first responder toys

Tonka Diecast Big Rigs

The Tonka Diecast Big Rigs collection is £6.99 at Asda. We got the Tonka Fire Rescue Truck which is really good quality and made from a combination of metal and plastic materials.

The Tonka Fire Truck is has six wheels and can give hours of fun both in the home, at preschool or in the garden. I love that the Fire truck has an extending ladder which makes the truck even more fun to play with.

tonka tinys 3 pack from asda

Tonka Diecast Monster Trucks

The Tonka Diecast Monster Trucks are really awesome and recommended for kids aged 3 and over. The  Monster truck has huge wheels, perfect for crushing anything in their paths and again retails for £6.99.

The Tonka Monster metal die cast collection was built to last and can be played with in lots of different settings including the sandpit. The Monster truck is strong and from experience they can last for years.

Tonka Diecast First Responders

The Tonka Diecast First Responders set is my favourite of the Tonka Toys available at Asda stores. The Trio set has both a Police Car, an Ambulance and a Firetruck as well as some orange cones.

What I love about the three pack is the quality of the little trucks and how strong they are. Made from Metal and plastic, the emergency first responder collection is great for sparking a child’s imagination and role playing emergency situations. In fact I think these toys can be very educational in helping to teach young children about the world around them.

The Tonka Diecast First Responders are built to last and retail for £9.97

Tonka Tinys 3 Pack With Blind Bag

The Tonka Tiny’s Three pack range allows kids to collect their favourite little Tonka Tinys for only £4.99 per pack.

The Tonka Tinys are a collection of palm size vehicles that are perfect for small scale adventures and taking with you when you go out.

Kids can collect Tonka Tinys by purchasing a small blind bag or through the Tonka Three packs. Having a blind bag is always exciting and adds to the enjoyment of discovering which new Tonka Tiny you have.

Tonka Tiny’s Mini Playset – Tonka Tony’s Garage Playset

There are a few different Tonka Tiny’s Mini Playsets. We were given the Tonka Tiny’s Garage playset to review and this is a great little garage perfect for fitting the palm size Tonka Vehicles in.

The garage play set has a ramp and a lift which is always fun to use. Again this play set is built to last and the auto repair garage can spark a lot of imaginary play and is lots of fun to play with.

The garage has several parts which can be connected to the garage once opened to allow the tiny vehicles to move in and out of the garage.

What Do We Think of the Tonka Range From Asda?

These Tonka toys are all good quality. They are made to last and from past experience I know they do last a long time. I love the emergency responders along with the Monster Truck and large fire Engine.

I really love the Tonka Tinys and they are perfect for taking out on a visit. Our nephew has had fun playing with these toys and has had a lot of enjoyment in just one week. They are going to be much loved and I think it’s great that we have this collection of fantastic Tonka items.

The toys can be a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age so this is something to be aware of, especially when considering when to buy the Tonka Tinys. They are perfect for the kids over 3 years. Some Tonka toys are online to order today and with the roll back on until October 7th, it’s a great time to get some early Christmas presents.



*These items were gifted for the purpose of this blog post*