The Toddler Parka Coat: Why Your Child Needs One

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Summer has ended in the northern hemisphere and with it comes colder days and much less heat and Sun. The time has come to enlarge your toddler’s wardrobe with some new warmer pieces. I never wait until winter to get the best deals on coats, parkas, and other snowy day garments because the prices tend to skyrocket when in season. In fact I love to find bargains out of season and usually look for a warm parka coat for my daughter before the cold season begins.

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Among all types of winter coats, the toddler parka jacket has to be one of the best options for a cold day. Parkas often have organic, high-quality durable fabrics that make them a favorite choice for keeping the little ones warm.

What Is a Toddler Parka Coat?

A parka coat or toddler parker jacket is a long warm type of toddler winter coat. These cold-weather coats go as low as the thighs and sometimes they can even reach the top of the knees. The length of parkas makes them perfect for snowy days. A kids parka coat is sure to keep your toddler boy and girl well protected from the elements. 

Why Are Parka Coats the Best for Snowy Days?

Parka coats are the ultimate wardrobe item. They are perfect for extremely cold weather and can keep your little ones warm and cozy in the snow. These are very versatile garments as well. Usually, parkas, unlike toddlers’ winter coats have a removable lining that makes them an excellent choice for year-round wear. The length of the garment also prevents any snow from reaching your child, which instead allows them to have fun in the snow for longer. 

The Best Winter Jacket Is a Parker Jacket

While winter jackets are very popular and a staple purchase, shorter jackets often don’t compare in quality in comparison to parkas. Toddler parka jackets have the same benefits as a regular jacket except they are longer and the extra lining and padding add an extra layer of much-needed warmth. Since parkas are also versatile, they can be stripped to use in other seasons making them a more sensible and economical purchase. 

It’s easy to see that parkas are one of the best coat styles for kids and toddlers and the absolute winner when it comes to winter coats for snowy days.

How to Style a Parker Coat

Parkas are made to be modified. A full fledged one will have some fur on the edges of the hoodie and a thin lining on the inside of the padded coat. The fact these elements are detachable gives room for a few styling options where you may even be able to switch in between garments for a nice fashion statement. 

Toddler girl parkas are particularly cute, as the color combinations can make out for some stylish outfits. Even teenagers love to style a nice long parka with their everyday clothing. However, boys are not to be left behind. Toddler boy parkas come with plenty of pockets and more muted colors so they can enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about mud or the below zero degrees.

Here Are Some Top Tips for Styling Your Kids Parker Coat

Once you’ve decided on the parka style for your toddler girl or boy, make sure you match it with other garments. Whether its track pants or jeans, a fleece or a matching pair of kids accessories , choose something that will keep the kids warm and cozy all day long.

Styling around the neck is also an important part of creating that perfect look when it comes to your toddlers parka jacket. Here are some tips to help!

Monochromatic Outfit

This is one of the simplest but very effective styling techniques. It is best to pick only one color for your parka and coordinate it with an outfit that has similar tones.

For example, if you choose a dark pink coat for your child, make sure she wears light scarves or belts in other tones such as light pink, beige or white.

Choose Matching Items

If you want her to receive compliments from other parents then focus on the color of your little one’s coat and pick a scarf and gloves that matches with it.

Multicolored Outfits

This is an equally effective styling technique but requires more attention to suit your child with different colors in their outfits. For this to work, you need to go for contrasting colors.

For example, if you are using a dark brown coat for your little one then match it with light-colored gloves and scarves. However, make sure that the color combinations are not too loud or they may overshadow your toddler’s cute looks.:

Covering The Head

This is another styling technique that is best suited for the winter months. It is always a good idea to cover your child’s head and neck with a warm hat and scarf, after all, you want them to be well taken care of when it comes to their outfits.

You can mix and match different materials such as wool or faux fur which will also add warmth.

The Cons of Getting a Parka Jacket for Your Toddler

Parkas are good for most weather and are always winners in icy winters. However, in states without snow, they might be seen as too much, especially since they are a bit bulky.

The length is the best feature of a toddler parka, but it can also be its biggest detriment. If your child is too young, and still not too confident in walking, the length of the coat might make it hard for them to move easily, especially in deep snow.

Lastly, in warmer areas, even without the inner lining and fur, a parka might be too hot to wear in Fall and Spring. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Toddler Parka

The benefits of a toddler parka include:

  • They are the warmest type of coat for winter
  • The length keeps toddlers warm throughout most zero temperatures.
  • They can be used all year round if you remove the inner lining and fur.

Buying a Budget Friendly Toddler Parka Coat

Toddler parka coats are undoubtedly the best winter garment. If you live in a country or state where it snows heavily during the cold months, then a parka jacket is a must. The length prevents your children from being cold while playing with snow.

The removable lining and fur found in parka coats make this jacket both useful during winter but also in other seasons, making them budget friendly and economical. All in all, getting your toddler a parka coat for this upcoming winter will be the best investment in their wardrobe for the icy and cold season.

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