Tips to Plan a Last-Minute Party

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Parties are the escape routes from the monotony of daily hustle-bustle… when you’re attending it. But what about the times when you need to organize it? I know it’s a task, but when you finally get the opportunity to host a party, you should never say no, even if you’re totally unprepared. You just have to entertain your guests for a few hours (preferably 1.5 hours); how hard can it be?

But the good news is, now, you don’t need to be Einstein to host a party yourself. With technology, everything has become so simple. With a few things around the house, good music, tasty snacks, and mood lighting, you can transform your house into a party in no time!

Besides these, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you plan an awesome last-minute party!

Get On Your Social

Thanks to social media, hosting a party and inviting guests have become so much easier. You can post about your party on your daily Instagram or Facebook story and wait for the people who are interested in DM you back!

If you’re looking forward to inviting some exclusive guests, then I would suggest you call that person and invite them personally. To be extra sure, you can also send an invite by email to the concerned person.

Always keep in mind that quality and a good guest list lays the foundation of a successful party.

Perform a Thorough but Fast Cleaning

Before the guests start ramping through your door, make sure you clean your house thoroughly, especially the bathrooms. The invitees may or may not get time to notice the decòr of the house, but one thing they’ll surely observe is the bathroom.

Therefore, before hosting the party make sure you keep your bathrooms extra clean – drain the excess water on the floors, wipe off the washbasins and sinks, and stock some extra toilet paper rolls.

Further, you must also buy a few hand sanitisers and handwashes to make sure no one faces any kind of discomfort while at the party.

Fix the Lighting

The mood of the party depends largely on the lighting. Therefore, instead of the LED tube lights, you can make use of lamps and dim lights to set the mood of the party.

People come to parties to unwind and have a nice time, and some awesome mood lighting will make sure that the party atmosphere is maintained all throughout.

Get Creative With Drinks and Snacks

Drinks are the main attraction of a party. Even if you’re asked to organize the party last-minute, you will still have time to set up a unique drinks corner for your guests. Don’t worry, you don’t need a laser mixologist for your guests. Just buy some crowd-pleaser liquors and put them on display in front of your guests.

Let them choose what they would want to have. Along with that, set up another counter of soda water and other sorts of syrups and mix with liquor. This will allow the guests to move around freely and choose their own drinks. Don’t forget to add red-colored plastic cups by the side of the counters.

You can also put some snacks on the sides. If you don’t have anything in stock, you can always order fresh food delivery boxes for your guests.

Arrange Good Music

Even if you have ample time to plan a party, even then you wouldn’t require much time for making a fun playlist. All you need is a phone or laptop and a pair of jukeboxes or maybe speakers.

Applications like Amazon Music and Spotify allow you to curate your own music playlists, where you can add songs according to your own liking.

If there’s good music, the guests are bound to groove and let loose. So, buddy, don’t forget to make a little space for your guests and let them show off some dance moves.

Over to You…

These last-minute party planning tips will come in really handy when you need to throw a party without preparation. It will help you add the “wow” factor to your party so that your guests can enjoy their heart’s content.

But remember, at the end of the day it’s not the luxe or the grandeur of the party that matters, it’s always the company of your friends and families that count.

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