Tips for Coping With Anxiety

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Anxiety is a feeling that everyone has. If you have a big meeting, a doctor’s appointment, or something  that you’re anticipating, you may feel a little anxious. It happens. 

However, there are cases where your anxiety may be so bad that it can be difficult for you to function. It can prevent you from taking the plunge or even going outside. In this post, let’s look at some ways to cope with that. 

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being aware of the here and now and not letting thoughts about the future get to you. Anyone can do it, but it can take a while for you to master. Observing your surroundings, being in tune with your body, and guided meditations are some ways of achieving mindfulness. Learning to push away unhelpful thoughts is another. Breathing exercises are a good way for you to calm down as well. Take a deep breath and enjoy life. 

Work Out 

When you’re anxious, you’re usually wound up. In some cases, it can be harder for you to sleep. Working out can help with that in some ways. It helps to unwind you, and it’s even good for sleeping. When you’re anxious, working out releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. 

You don’t need to spend hundreds on the gym, either. Working out can involve walking in the park or doing some crunches at home. Just get moving and you may feel better. 

Take it Slow 

Gradual exposure is one way to relive your anxieties if you fear something. For example, if you have anxiety over heights, you may start off in a slightly elevated area, go to something higher, and then work your way up to a skyscraper. The same can apply to other life situations. For instance, if you’re anxious over an exam that’s due in a couple weeks, do a little of the exam each day. 

Realize That Your Body is Being Mean 

Anxiety can cause your body to sweat, your heart to palpitate, and create other health issues. Sometimes, when a full-blown panic attack is happening, many people will go to the hospital because they believe they are dying. It’s important for you to realize that the body can be mean to us, making us panic when there’s nothing to worry about. 

Try Some Home Remedies 

Home remedies doesn’t just mean having some herbal tea, though that can help. It can also refer to taking a nice, hot bath or enjoying some relaxing TV. Just make sure that you drink sparingly, as this can make your anxiety worse in the long run. Having a glass of wine on occasion to calm your nerves is one thing, but do not make it a habit. 

Seek Help 

Finally, if your anxiety can’t seem to go away, seeking help from a licensed therapist should be your next move. A combination of therapy, medication, and self-help is the ultimate way to treat anxiety. Get yourself a diagnosis and then look for treatment options.

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