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Does your toddler yearn to help you stir? Do they watch you as you knead the dough? Your toddler very well may be showing interest in cooking. While your toddler won’t be able to cook a full meal for a while, they can easily help you in the kitchen right now. Here are a few tips for cooking with your toddler.

Let Your Toddler Help With The Small Tasks.

Sure, you can get cooking done a lot faster without their help. However, when you let them cook with you, you’re teaching them so much! Stirring, cutting, washing dishes, and even grabbing ingredients are all ways your toddler can help!

Safety Always First

When it comes to cooking with your toddler, always practice safety. Watch them very closely when you’re in the kitchen. Keep hot handles away from where the toddler can reach them.

Don’t keep sharp knives in the vicinity. You get the idea! The trick with cooking with toddlers is that they’re quick!  You always have to be on the lookout.

Teach Your Toddler About Washing Hands

Have you considered how many germs are probably on your toddler’s hands? Make sure you take the time to teach your toddler how to wash those hands. Invest in a good step stool for your toddler to use around the kitchen, while helping you cook.

Honestly, your toddler learning to Wash their hands is one of the best things you can teach them about cooking.

Talk while You Cook

As much as toddlers talk, they do have the capability of listening. When you’re cooking, include your toddler in the process. Ask him/her questions! Let them know, step-by-step, what you’re doing.

They will watch, observe, and eventually even want to help you! The more you cook with your toddler, they more they will learn. Soon enough, your toddler will be even more independent in the kitchen.

Little Aprons For The Toddlers

If you don’t want your toddler to stain their clothing, it may be time to invest in a little apron. Aprons can help keep their clothes clean and tidy! Cooking is supposed to be fun and messy, but you don’t want to ruin clothes!

Give everyone a job. The great thing about toddlers is that they’re capable of doing small jobs. Cooking in the kitchen is full of small jobs, so don’t be shy about passing some of these onto your toddler!

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