Everything You Need to Know to Buy Tickets for an NBA Game in New York

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When visiting New York or even if you live there, going to watch a basketball game is one of the most memorable things you can experience in the city. The atmosphere of an NBA game in New York City is a truly American spectacle that is sure to excite passionate basketball fans and curious visitors alike. 

If you are considering getting tickets for an NBA game in the Big Apple it is well worth doing some research first so you can get the best seats and at the best prices. Additionally, if you are on a trip to New York and are unfamiliar with basketball, there are lots of things to know about the most popular sport in the city before rushing to buy tickets for a game.

To discover more about NBA games in New York and how to get tickets, read our guide below. 

Which NBA Teams Play In New York? 

Two teams from New York compete in the NBA, the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, both have vibrant fan bases that regularly attend games. For many visitors to New York, an NBA game at Madison Square Garden, home of the Knicks, is a must. The raucous atmosphere and quality of basketball on display have long been a draw to the world-famous venue. 

Based in midtown Manhattan at the Madison Square Garden stadium and founded in 1946, the New York Knicks have been around the longest and are often touted as the most renowned team in the NBA, even though they have only won two NBA titles since its inception. Watching some of the Knicks’ current star players such as Derrick Rose and Julius Randle can make a trip to New York even more memorable. 

The second NBA team from New York is the Brooklyn Nets, who were founded in 1967 and originally known as the New Jersey Americans in their first season until moving to Long Island and renaming themselves the New York Nets. In 2012, the team moved to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, resulting in their current name. If you make it to a game, the star players to look out for in the Brooklyn Nets’ team are James Harden and Kevin Durant. 

When Are Games Played? 

Both New York NBA teams compete in the regular season which typically runs from October to April, and if the teams qualify they also have the chance to compete in the playoffs from April to June with further finals being played in September and October. 

Where Can You Buy Tickets?

Tickets for NBA games in New York can be bought both online and at the box office, however, since all NBA tickets are digitized, it is often easier and faster to purchase them online. The online ticket vendor, Hellotickets have an agreement to sell tickets worldwide for the New York NBA teams. 

Although life in New York City is largely returning to normal after the pandemic, it may still be difficult to purchase tickets in person at the box office. 

Average Ticket Costs

The cost of an NBA ticket in New York fluctuates depending on the teams facing off against each other, however, as a guide, the average ticket price is around $176. When the Knicks or Nets are playing lower-stake games the cheapest tickets can go for around $58, whilst tickets for courtside seats at important games typically sell for more than $1200. 

Even though there are average prices for NBA tickets in New York, the price does fluctuate on a daily basis due to demand. Therefore, less crucial games against lesser teams often have cheaper tickets on offer compared to highly sought-after playoff and final game tickets. 

In addition to changing daily, NBA ticket prices in New York also vary for the duration of a season. For example, tickets for Knicks games during the Christmas holiday are particularly expensive due to an influx of tourists excited to visit Madison Square Garden. On the other hand, tickets for games near the end of the regular season in April are usually much cheaper as fans are saving their money and time to enjoy the more important playoff games. 

How Can You Save Money? 

Unfortunately, many NBA tickets are sold before or early on in the basketball year to season ticket holders. However, it is still possible to get tickets for a good price if you buy tickets in advance, select less popular games, or pick a seat behind the basket. 

Watching an NBA game in New York, whether it’s the Knicks or Nets, can be one of the most exhilarating you can do in the Big Apple as either a resident or visitor. However, to ensure you get the best-priced ticket, you should first understand certain factors that can affect its value such as current demand, the time of year, and the quality of the opposing team. 

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  1. I’ve been a huge NBA fan for years, and I always try to find the best deals on tickets. Your post really helped me understand the best time to buy tickets and save some money. I’ll definitely be using this advice for my next game!

  2. I’ve always thought that buying NBA tickets on game day would be the best way to get a good deal, but your post completely changed my perspective. It’s good to know that buying tickets in advance can save you money. Thanks for sharing!

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