Three Ways B2B’s Can Improve their Reputation

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Three Ways B2B’s Can Improve their Reputation

As a blogger I work with a lot of brands and PR companies. Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between businesses that work together relies upon a number of different factors. Striving to create an environment where there is transparency, support and understanding is paramount but there are several other ways in which B2B’s can enhance their reputations and today I’m sharing three of these ways. 

Express Delivery

A successful and enduring relationship is built on supplying a product or service that is valued, but complacency can soon ebb away at this and so a continual drive to improve the products and services, along with peripheral factors such as fast and reliable delivery is paramount.

Express delivery can enhance the reputation of a B2B in a number of ways. In the first instance it reinforces the company’s commitment to providing a quality service that is progressive and mindful of what clients and customers want. But perhaps more importantly is sends out a message regarding the efficiency of the company – other companies like dealing with those who are “on their game”.

I much prefer to receive an item by express. It saves me waiting around for days not knowing when the item will be delivered and helps me to plan when we will review the products we receive.

Requesting and Responding to Feedback

Engaging with and responding to the needs of customers and clients on a regular basis is a great way for B2B’s to earn respect and improve their reputation. Furthermore, requesting an informal meeting to discuss feedback and how products or services can be improved brings a human face to the procedure and this can make a big difference when it comes to relationship building.

This sort of activity needn’t end with clients and customers. It may be the case that speaking to sector influencers will help the company improve its reputation – gaining expert opinion and being seen to be moving in the right circles builds kudos.

As a blogger who often receives products via courier, I like to give feedback to the companies and brands about the courier services they use and it helps to make future deliveries easier. For example if a parcel is dumped in the rubbish bin or delivered to the wrong home, I like to let the company I’m working with know about this. Likewise, when I have a quick and easy delivery and a super helpful courier driver it’s always nice to let the company know how good the experience has been.

Win Some Awards and Credit

It may sound absurd, but many companies, who are involved in fantastic business activities, never think to gain recognition for the work they do. Gathering industry recognition is a sure-fire way to improve the reputation of a company and putting the business forward for awards is a simple way to achieve this.  

Testimonials are another good way to achieve this and put up on the company website or listed in company brochures constitutes a cheap and easy way to enhance the reputation of the company.

When it comes down to it there are two factors involved in improving the reputation of a B2B, the first involves providing an excellent product or service and the second is simply a matter of shouting about it. 

*This is a collaborative post.

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