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Thoughts On Having Another Adrenal Crisis

I’m laying in bed in hospital and I really can’t sleep. I’m not worried, just in pain and I guess the aftermath of my Adrenal Crisis with the combination of old ladies crying and calling out “Nurse” continuously is making it hard to rest.

adrenal crisis

Yesterday I had my first Adrenal Crisis in eight months. This time it is different. Im in a different hospital. I was treated promptly by medics and given the medication I needed as soon as I arrived in hospital. 

My last admission before this was back in May. I was hoping not to have another admission in 2016 but it was not meant to be. Before May I visited the A and E and was admitted around 22 times. My health was really bad and my Endo in London says my body was shutting down and failing. 

Now, I’ve been on an adrenal pump for 8 months and a few weeks ago I saw my endo. He said, I’m stable and I am. I can manage my health much better. I can bolus and up my steroid dose when I need and get medication into my system quickly. 

This does not however eliminate the risk of adrenal crisis. It just reduces the chances and stabilises me and when it does happen I am better able to recognise it and do something about it. 

I’ve felt very unwell since the week before Christmas. I don’t know what or why I’ve felt this way. I could have an infection or bug or some other condition putting additional stress on the body. I’ve been in pain and having severe headaches. I thought it may be vitamin D deficiency but I don’t really know. 

I have issues with my Iron, Vitamin D, B12, zinc and folate and so it could be any of these causing extra stress. I’m really unsure. 

However, the good news is, yesterday when I headed toward crisis, I knew it was happening. I could identify the stabbing pains from my adrenals for what they were and knew I needed to go to hospital. 

So we rang an ambulance and sure enough by the time they arrived I was in need of treatment from the professionals. 

This time I was taken to a different hospital to usual. You see my usual hospital A and E closed down and so it was a choice between Preston and Wigan. As Wigan is close to our home, I was taken to Wigan infirmary.

The ambulance medic knew what he was doing. He was great. He gave me IV hydrocortisone and as soon as I got into hospital I was put on a drip and observed. 

Within an hour my Blood pressure had come back up to a more acceptable level (albeit still low for me) and besides the stabbing pains and D and V (yes yuck), I stabilised and started to improve.

I think seeing a doctor who didn’t know me and my case was brilliant because they treated me properly and didn’t base things on the past, they based treatment on the present on what was happening and this helped me to improve faster. 

So after a good 7 hours in A and E I was sent to the Gyane ward. Nope… I don’t have a gynae issue but… hospitals these days are chocablock and so I get shoved wherever there is a space. I can’t complain! Last time it was the stroke ward and that was much worse and much more crazy at night.

So here I am in the gynae ward. I’m in pain but stable. My BP is still on the low side and I have a drip to help me with that. I got to keep my adrenal pump on and am double dosing plus getting regular steroids through the IV. 

I’m not as stressed or anxious as my past 23 visits. I think this is because I know the drill. Once I my BP is up and the pain is gone (and I can cope on my adrenal pump again) I’ll be sent home and left to manage the condition myself. 

I’m missing my daughter, and supposed to spend the next three days with my parents but at least Sylvia is being kept on good company and that’s made life easier. I guess when it’s just her and daddy at home it’s much more noticeable. My parents have kept her distracted. 

I felt a little sad that I had to come to hospital but I’m also relieved that my treatment and care is improving! I guess the more this happens in a sad way the easier it will be to know what to do to treat me. 

Someone suggested I’m addicted to blogging. It’s not true. Blogging is simply something I love and something that helps me cope during the good and not so good moments. I find it therapeutic to write down what’s going on and take time to reflect. By doing so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and who knows I may be home in time for the new year? 

Angela x

adrenal crisis