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Things to Consider for First Time Campervanners!


Things to Consider for First Time Campervanners!

There’s nothing quite like jumping behind the wheel of your first campervan and setting off on an exciting adventure, especially for the first time! With the freedom to travel wherever you like, to experience exciting new things, you can really head out on some great adventures with your friends and family.


Your campervan my just be the most important thing when it comes to heading out on your adventures. Going on a campervan adventure is something we would love to do as a family in future and here are a few important things for everyone to consider before going on  your first campervan Journey!

Consider the Campervan Size

This step depends entirely on how many people you need to accommodate for. Whether you’re hitting the open road alone, or you’re heading out with your family or a group of friends, you need to think about how much space your campervan needs, to ensure your trips are enjoyable and relaxing. There’s nothing worse than being squished into a tiny space designed for three, when there are actually 6 or 7 of you. There are so many different sizes when it comes to campervans, with additional features that can help to accommodate for a certain number of people. Select the right size campervan and you’ll be sure to have plenty of space throughout your trips!

Your Campervan Layout

Again, this step is going to be different dependant on how many people you plan to have on your trip. The layout of your campervan is really important, as it needs to suit the way you wish to use your vehicle. Different floor layouts will provide you with different living arrangements, for example, you may want to have a living space next to your kitchen, with the bedrooms at either end to cancel out potential distractions. Similarly, you need to consider whether you need to include a campervan bed or fold out sofa, a shower, additional storage space and often more seating, so choosing a practical layout is key.

New or Used

Purchasing your campervan is a big step, as you need to make sure it is the right one for you. It’s important to look at a few vehicles before making your decision, as you never know what additional features you may find and want to include. Many people struggle to decide whether they want to buy a brand-new campervan, or if a second-hand vehicle would be best. This is completely down to how much you want to spend, as well as whether or not it is worth it. For many, their first campervan is always a second-hand one, as this gives you a good feel for how you want your next campervan to look and feel inside and out. You can learn a lot from your first campervan, and investing in a second-hand one can often make the process slightly cheaper and more relaxing. For example, you’re bound to bump your first ever campervan, as they’re much larger than the ordinary van and you never know what’s going to challenge you on the roads! Once you’re used to your campervan and know exactly what works for you, you can look at purchasing a brand new one that suits you to a T.


Legal Considerations

Driving a campervan is slightly different to driving a car or a van, as your vehicle is much larger than others. It’s important to ensure your driving license is up to date. You also need to check to see whether or not you need to take your C1 test for driving the campervan, which you can find out on the DVLA website. It’s also really important that you check your finances are in order and ready for any payments you may need to make for your campervan, as it’s just as important to give your campervan TLC, the same way you would a car or a motorbike!

*This is a collaborative post.

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