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Growing up my dad was a keen Fisherman. I remember going Fishing with my dad as a little girl. The most memorable trip was in Dumfries and we caught a huge fish which I helped to gut and cook.

Based on some of the stats available online, it appears that fishing is one of the most popular sports preferred by Americans. The total number of anglers in the United States is approximated to about fifty million and out of those, there are approximately thirty million who pay for a fishing license. The rest are either too young or too old to need a license or are part of social categories that do not have to pay for one.

With the many Americans engaging in this sport every weekend or so, it’s safe to say that sooner or later, one is bound to get hooked by a fishing friend and end up on the water for a whole day. If that’s you, you need to know that you can keep safe and sound and as comfortable as possible whenever this experience arises.

Here is a list of items you might need in your backpack if you intend to go fishing soon. Check them out below.

*This is a collaborative post*

Things You Will Need When You Go Fishing

Start with the license

If you also want to fish with your friend, you need to make sure that you abide by all the local rules and regulations available in that particular area. The last thing you might want is to get a fine or worse, do some jail time because you’ve accidentally reeled in (and kept) a fish that’s protected by the law. Unless you’re under the age of 16, it’s safe to say you are going to have to get a license.

The rod, the reel, the line

These three items are absolutely mandatory when you go out fishing, that is unless you have serious spearfishing skills and you don’t need anything else other than your main weapon. On top of that, you’re going to require several extra accessories like hooks, sinkers, bobbers, hard bait, and anything in terms of lure you might want to utilise.

The point is that you can’t get too much fishing gear, but do pack light so as not to carry too much equipment, especially if you can’t fish for more than, say, three hours.

Sunscreen and insect repellent

Remember how we referred to keeping safe while you’re out on the water? That doesn’t just imply that you have to wear a safety vest if you intend to engage in some serious offshore fishing. You’ll also have to lather a thick layer of sunscreen on your face and pretty much any limb that is exposed to the sun, especially in the middle of the day.

The current skin cancer stats should convince you that you should not want to take any risks whatsoever. Even the top magazines for fishermen and women recommend carrying sunscreen with a SPF of at least 70 at all times. As for insect repellents, it’s pretty obvious that you will become the prey of all sorts of bugs and mosquitoes once dusk starts to approach.

Water, snacks, and proper clothing

There are two ways of going about things when it comes to water. If you fish in a stream and the water is potable, you can use a portable straw. You can also bring your own, but you’ll have to carry it.

Rations make good snacks and meals while you’re on the go. As for proper clothing, it needs to keep you safe from harm, but also be comfortable enough for you to do your angling for several hours.

Enjoy your next fishing trip.

Angela x