The Top 10 Most Luxurious Properties for Sale in Turkey

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There is no gainsaying that luxury is now synonymous with wealth. When discussing surreal human ideologies such as happiness, joy, contentment and other ideals, it is arguable that those concepts may have nothing to do with wealth or may have only some influence to do with money. But in contemporary times, the only way to enjoy luxury in the best versions, is to spend some money! To this end, it is advisable that while discussing matters of luxurious housing, you prepare your mind to see more millions than ordinary, and the same goes for all kind of luxury property in Turkey

The Perks of Luxurious Living

When focusing on elite properties, you have two major advantages for you:

  1. Elite relaxations and properties: Luxury as regards properties have gone beyond having aesthetically pleasing interiors and more gadgets than you can use. Recently, designers and constructors have taken the luxury cadre one step higher by including eco-friendly gadgets and greenhouse solutions in luxury units. Meaning that while previously, a luxury house focused on comfort at the expense of environmental coherence; now, you will find properties having beautiful lawns, and boulevards marked with amazing trees. These trees improve the quality of air and can cleanse the environment better than pillars and cement statues. More so, developers in Turkey now use building materials that are eco-coherent to construct these buildings and make room for ample fresh air to sweep through these properties. You do not only get the cool gadgets, should you decide to enjoy a cool day’s breeze, a remote control can open the vents for natural air. These luxury units of late are sited in amazing locations such as by the water side, by the beach, with rooftop apartments, etc. The perks to luxurious living are too many to mention, if you love the good life, then it is a great option to try.
  2. Elite companies/networking: furthermore, elite and luxurious living gives you room to meet people of equal minds and caliber and create an amazing room for quality relationships. Ever wondered why the children of the rich often have rich friends, and marry rich heirs/heiresses too? Its simple, because they mingle with the rich! As a parent, environmental placement should be a major focus for your children. It is important that they grow up among people living the kind of life you envisage for them. It does not necessarily mean they would get spoiled doing so, but such relationships will come handy in the future as they enter into their respective relationships and build a niche or business of their own.

Do you now see that the benefits are very many? Would you like to look into luxury living? To check out elite property offerings in Turkey, which make the list of the most luxurious units in Turkey, read more on the official website Turk.Estate.

The Most Expensive Properties in Istanbul

Get insights on the best places to look into and search for the most luxurious properties in Istanbul. These have the most premium options and a wide array of impressive luxury living.

  1. The Levent Sapphire Residence

Lying on 1500 sq m, you have the Levent Sapphire Residence, a part of one of the fanciest premium resorts in Turkey, offered for sale. You will need about $30 million to close this sale of the fascinating real estate in Istanbul. The Sapphire residence has about 187 rooms of various sizes in a 76 floored skyscraper. You have all of the possible luxuries on ground ranging from wireless internet to smart home systems and even indoor pool facilities. You will find units less than $30 million but the most expensive are around that range.

  1. The Macka Residence

With about $20 million, you will bag one of the finest Macka residences in Istanbul. This skyscraper was easily earmarked as the home of millionaires in 2022. It receives patronage from some of the best in various industries due to its elaborateness and unparalleled view of the Bosporus Strait. It has some of the most amazing restaurants, gym and dry-cleaning services, and in-room food delivery services across the floors. The multiple elevators in this building also ensures that mobility is hitch-free. 

  1. The Zorlu Center, Istanbul

Developed and completed alongside the Zorlu Center Hotel, the Zorlu Center is also famous for giving its residents 360 degrees amazing sight of the Bosphorus Strait. You will need to have a minimum of $12 million dollars to be able to close a property in this magnificent center. Some parts of the building function as the hotel, while others are open for rentals and sale to deep pockets. It is a splendid place for relaxation as you enjoy some of the most premium views of Istanbul.

  1. Sultan Makami Villa Complexes 

The Sultan Makami Villa Complexes is the next in line of the most expensive villas in Istanbul. It is located a safe distance from the Bosporus Strait but at a distance safe enough to allow all of the amazing views of the city from the upper floors. You will need about $10 million to own a property in this part of the city 

From the above, there is no gainsaying that regardless of the luxury you are looking for, you will find it in Istanbul, the city of beautiful carpet and multiple faiths. Could it cost more than stated in this article? Yes. In some rare cases, and in larger units such as elaborate palaces, luxury housing may cost up to double of the amounts projected in penultimate paragraphs.

To Sum Up

From the prices above, you can safely infer that these properties have the best facilities obtainable in the world, not to mention the perk of an amazing view, and a friendly weather which makes ex pats flock in from the west for countless holidays annually.

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