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A few weeks ago I was tagged by one of my favourite bloggers Laura Summers from Laura’s Lovely Blog to write a blog post called, “If I Could”. Thankyou Laura. I always enjoy writing these fun style posts. It’s taken a little while to get around to it but here is my post!

If I could live anywhere

I would live 6 months in the UK and 6 months in New Zealand. My parents and siblings live in New Zealand as well as many wonderful friends whom I miss dearly. However, I also have people in the UK who are very dear to me and prefer the English culture. I’m torn between two worlds. In New Zealand I’d live in the countryside on the outskirts of Hamilton (close to where Hobbitville was filmed) and in the UK I would live on the outskirts of my current village in a home surrounded by fields.

If I could have any home

It would be a modern style home. I’d have a massive house with about 6 bedrooms, so all my family and friends could pop over and visit. I’d also have a blogging room/office all for myself, a play/games/family room a large kitchen, a bathroom with a bath (we don’t have a bath) and a space for a dining table for family meals. Oh and it would have to be painted in neutral colours and decorated with the help of Esther.

If I could have any garden

I would have a large section. Big enough for a play area with equipment. I’d also have a space for farming chickens, growing lots of vegetables and a covered outside area for having bbq’s and family get togethers. (Realistically i’m not well enough for stuff like this but a girl can dream).

If I could be on holiday right now

I would go to the Maldives. This is the dream honeymoon destination for John and I. Relaxing in the Sunshine, drinking healthy smoothies, having spa treatments and resting. It would be a dream come true. We have not been on our honeymoon as I became unwell the week after the wedding and we married in school/term time.

If I could have any Job

I would be the caller in a criminal court, who deals with Juries and sits in the court cases. I love to hear court cases and could do this all day every day. Some might find this boring but I find it fascinating. The only problem is I wouldn’t have much time to blog as much as I do.

If I could have any Talent

The thing is I have lots of talents and I’m happy with the one’s I have. I’d love to become really good at sewing. That would be useful!

If I could live any day again

I would relive the day before I married my first husband when I felt upset and started to question if it was the right thing to do. Of course everyone including my X talked me into it and said I just had the jitters but….If i could relive it, I would have bought myself a ticket to the UK aged 20 and never looked back!

If I could have any superpower

I would be invisible as I could go anywhere I wanted for free without any cost!


Once again, thanks Laura for tagging me to write this post.

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