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The Sugar Plum Fairy Ballet Dance

ballet dancing

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The Sugar Plum Fairy Ballet Dance

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For the last two weeks my daughter has had no Ballet lessons as her dance school was on break. Instead Sylvia practiced at home. She dressed in her leotard and ballet shoes and I found some lovely music on youtube for her to dance to and practice the moves she has been taught.

We found the sugar plum fairy from the nutcracker and I just had to make a youtube video as I thought she was adorable. Yoda our dog seems to love music and sometimes he just sits and stares at Sylvia dancing in bewilderment. At other times he joins in. He can be so funny at times.

I really did not know if my daughter would take to ballet. She appears to enjoy doing it but every now and again she is like “do i have to go again”. I guess like any talent practising week in week out can get a little boring or frustrating especially when you would rather being playing with the barbie dolls or going swimming with friends. However I’m not going to let Sylvia quit like she did with gymnastics last year.

The gymnastics teachers said she had the muscles and strength and could go a long way, yet she decided she did not want to do it so she dropped out and tried out ballet this year instead. I’m not letting her drop out again.

I’m going to let her do ballet for the whole year. If she gets to a point where she hates it then of course she can stop but, I don’t want her turning around to me and saying when she’s older why did you let me quit ballet? or wanting to go back as an older child and regretting having far less experience than the others in her class.


At the end of the day my daughter loves dancing. She loves practicing her ballet and going to class. I think she just finds it hard giving up her Saturday afternoon to ballet every single week. I think the best thing to do would be to help her practice and encourage her and then next year she could switch to the older Tuesday class and we could then have our Saturdays back.

So here is Sylvia’s little video. I hope you all like it!

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  1. I’m glad that she’s enjoying ballet – I know what you mean about the giving up Saturdays as this was my reason for dropping out of dance classes at 12/13 as I thought that hanging out with friends and doing nothing was a far better use of my time…. how silly I was, but it’s understandable (I had two left feet anyway). What a lovely video to have for when she’s headlining ballet shows 😛

    1. Ha Ha! I really don’t know if it will stick to it. I do hope so. i’ll do my best to encourage her but at the same time not force her. I quit violin at 12 years and always regretted it!

  2. Such a beautiful little ballerina. I hope she continues to do ballet. So far shes doing a fantastic job! Thumbs up for the mummy!

    1. Yes it’s great. She wants to practice and reminds me that she has ballet homework! That must be what her teacher says. I’ve never actually been as y hubby does the ballet run! It’s great giving my child a chance to learn something fabulous.

  3. That’s a sweet clip! We aren’t at that stage yet but I imagine it can be quite difficult working out whether to make them go to their class or not but I think its a good idea to stick with it for a while. Hope she keeps on enjoying it!

    1. Well whatever works for each child! I was a tom boy and a bmx bike rider ….I hated dolls and girly things. My child is a direct opposite. She loves all things girly!

  4. ahh she’s so cute, love the video. My son plays tennis 2-3 times a week and occasionally I get the ‘I don’t want to go’ from him but he comes out of every lesson happy. It also teaches him focus and that he has to work at something to get better which I think are really valuable skills. #love2blog

    1. Thanks Lisa. Sylvia is the same…she winges sometimes but comes home so exctied and happy which is why i know she loves it and then she wants to practice! 🙂

  5. Adorable! Gymnastics can be pretty damaging on their spine, especially when they start going to a semi-professional level and I know of girls who injured themselves severely and had to stop it.
    Ballet is much more a long term thing, hope your little one can stick with it!xx

    1. Thanks Oana. Yes I think Gymnastics can be a little more dangerous. I’m hoping she can stick to it. I think it’s important that i continue motivating and encouraging her too! Angela

  6. I guess it’s harder when you’re younger having Saturday classes. I know when N’s swimming lessons were early Saturday afternoons they were a pain because you didn’t have time for anything in the mornings, or afternoons. Now he does a 9am class, although once he progresses it’ll get later in the morning which I’m not looking forward to.

    I used to do my ballet lessons after school when I was young, then when we moved house, by age 8ish I was doing music school on Saturday mornings then going straight on to dancing lessons in the afternoon. Manic, but I loved both so much. I dread to think what my mum thought.

    I want N to do some music or activities after school but unfortunately with me working, that’s not going to happen as he had to go to after school care. Maybe when he’s older.

    1. Thats so true. 9am is early for a Saturday class. It is hard to take kids to classes when your working. That is true which is why Saturdays are best for some parents and kids. I used to swim every Saturday or should i say doggy paddle as i never fully learnt how to swim properly!

  7. Ahh bless her – lovely video.

    I’m sure she’d regret it if she gave up ballet but I guess when you’re that young you don’t have the benefit of hindsight! x

  8. So adorable! I’ve seen ballet classes being advertising locally to me and would love to get Abbie involved! I think it’s great your little girl is trying it, if she doesn’t end up being passionate about it she can always stop but it really is an amazing thing to be part of 🙂 x

    1. Yes it is lovely and a great opportunity. My daughter loves it and is always excited after class, its just going to class which she sometimes complains about but I know she loves it!

      Angela x

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